Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gods of Lyrion - Phrygios

Another of the five primary gods of the Three Seas, Phrygios is the patron of Trickery, Knowledge, and Magic. Known sometimes as the "Lord of Wine", Phrygios is often depicted as a handsome, arrogant youth with an enigmatic expression on his face and a laurel wreath on his head. Phrygios is notorious for having stolen the Scrolls of Kronus (rumored to hold the secrets of immortality) from their Underworld hiding place, as well as stealing the hearts of a long succession of maidens, often maidens promised to other suitors. The popular Three Seas saying, "Safe with Phrygios" (such as, "Lester left his young wife at home during his five year sea voyage, I'm sure she's safe with Phrygios!") means someone has taken no precautions to safeguard what is valuable to them.

For all his mischief, Phrygios is nonetheless credited with the survival of much knowledge that would otherwise have been lost to one disaster or another, such as the tragic burning of the Great Library at Anslore, and he has an uncharacteristically stoic following of cloistered monks who spend hours toiling over copies of important books and scrolls so they can be shared and spread throughout the known world.

The temples of Phrygios are often very different from city to city. For example, the temple in Hasturl is a relatively sedate marble edifice of learning and study, wheras the temple in Neethra is a rambling assortment of gardens, pools, and shrines playing host to a number of sensual indulgences. The priests of Phrygios are often garbed in cotton or linen togas of green, purple, or white, head-wreaths of mistletoe, holly, laurel, or wine-leaf, and thin belts of precious metals or sashes of rare silks and textiles. Traveling clerics, on the other hand, rarely adhere to any sort of uniform raiment, preferring instead to sport whatever robe or armor suits their whim or the circumstances they are traveling under.

Clerics of Phrygios are often employed as messengers, and it is considered blasphemous and unlucky to thwart the mission of a cleric thus engaged. Some charm of anonymity follows all priests and clerics of Phrygios: they all Pass Without Trace unless they specifically try and do otherwise.



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