Friday, April 13, 2012

Lands of Lyrion - Random Homeland Determination Table

Use this table to determine where in the Three Seas your character is from (d%):

Homeland (d%)
01 - South Continent*
02-03 - Forest of D'Norr
04-05 - Mountains of Yx
06-07 - Forest of Ux Kang
07-09 - Bitter Coast
10-12 - Yng Wastes
13-14 - Mountains of Dor Haaz
15-16 - Hills of Nok
17-21 - Satrapan Desert
22-23 - Hills of Kemprioar
24-25 - Mountains of Yeshimal
26-75 - City State (roll on Subtable A)
76-77 - Wodruul Swamp
78-79 - Jungles of Ziss
80-81 - Steppes of Hool
82-83 - Forest of Mekro
84-85 - Mountains of Kringor
86-87 - Hills of Hood
88-92 - Isle of Eramor
93-94 - Forest of Ba'Rekh
95-96 - Mountains of Droon
97-99 - Sea Folk (roll on Subtable B)
00 - North Continent*

Subtable A: City State (d%)**
01-20 - Lyrion
21-40 - Neethra
41-60 - Mythrior
61-75 - Hasturl
76-85 - Pazzix
86-95 - Ontandis
96-00 - Yng Yoon

Subtable B: Sea Folk(d%)***
01-10 - Bay of Yar
11-34 - Sea of Pelkior
35-66 - Sea of Deloord
67-88 - Eeshi Straits
89-95 - Ocean of Wull
96-00 - Extrica River

*Characters from the Southern or Northern Continents are typically only in the Three Seas because they are fleeing or hiding from an unpleasant past of some sort, or are some sort of merchant.

**Being from a particular City State does not always mean the character is from the City itself; 60% are from the City State, 20% are from the farmlands under the City State's control, and the remaining 20% are from the City State's tributary towns, villages, and hamlets.

***The Sea Folk of the Three Seas are largely nomadic, and will typically range throughout the region following their trade or fishing routes. However, they still usually take pride in declaring a particular body of water as their "home" range.

It should be noted that fully half of the population of the Three Seas lives within (or within the protection of) one of the seven great City States. This is no exaggeration; the wild regions of the Three Seas are a harsh place to live. High birth mortality and low life expectancies are due to numerous factors including weather, predators, lack of food or potable water, and frequent raiding and wars.



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