Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Speaking of New...

I have to say my favorite "new" artist of the "old" school is one Pete Mullen. If you've not yet taken a gander at the art on his web-site, you're missing out. Seriously, this gentleman's stuff is the most inspiring, imaginative work I've seen since since EO's heyday. Its very cool to me just how thoroughly Mullen "gets it", when it comes to capturing the old-school spirit (hence my compulsion to festoon my blog with his work in every free space I can find ;). Everyone I show the Swords & Wizardry core book to has to stop and marvel at the cover.

If he's available, he's definitely going to be my first stop when its time to commission the cover art for my Warriors of the Red Planet book. If you're a publisher, or self-publishing, hiring this guy for your art is one sure way to get a sale from me!


  1. I had been wondering who did the artwork for S&W! Thanks for the link. :)

  2. Agreed- Mullen's works remind me of those old works by Roslof, Willingham, Dee, Otus, Tramp & DCS- I get "lost" staring at them and my imagination runs rampant. I noticed he did a cover for a new 1E monster book by Expeditious Retreat and of course he''s going to be in the new OSR book from Goodman. Methinks he has a bright future ahead of him!

  3. I've booked him for all my interior illos, as well as the front and rear cover paintings.

    He's top-notch.

  4. Makes me want to write an RPG book just so I can have him do the artwork. :P

  5. I love his work. I'd kill (a 1HD beastie) for a Mullen S&W calendar.



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