Friday, June 26, 2009

WotRp Preview 3 - Monsters of the Red Planet!

Monsters of the Red Planet
From my upcoming Warriors of the Red Planet RPG!

The Dablor a is hairless, pink scavenger that travels in packs across the wastelands of the Red Planet in search of carrion or easy prey. The six legged creature is roughly badger-shaped, and typically ranges from about six to eight feet long. Its maw is filled with jagged teeth, and its eyes are black on black. When meat or prey is scented, the Dablor lets out a hooting call that echoes across the wastelands, summoning its fellows to the meal.

Dablor: HD 2+5; AC 7[12]; Atk 1bite (1d8); Move 18; Save 16; CL/XP 2/30; Special: None.

The Hrecha is one of the few aerial predators of the Red Planet. It appears as a pale green, hairless giant bat with four claw-tipped legs in addition to its great wings. A great crest of black or red feathers runs from the top of the head to the center of its back. Its mouth is broad enough to snap up a creature as big as a dog. They love to lash out with their claws as they fly past, rending them to helpless ribbons before settling down to feast. Hrecha can hunt in pitch darkess, as their antennae-eyes are receptive to sonic reflection.

Hrecha: HD 5; AC 5[14]; Atk 4 claws (1d4) or 1 bite (2d8); Move 6 (fly 18); Save 13; CL/XP 5/240XP; Special: Fly-By Attack (-2 to hit flying Hrecha).

From a distance, a Grook appears to be a man, but once observed closely, its featureless face gives it away, as it possesses no eyes or nose, only a wide, slavering maw filled with needle-like teeth. Scientists are unsure how the Grook senses its surroundings, but it seems to have no trouble doing so. The limbs of the Grook are not jointed, but are segmented, like the body of a snake. The bite of the Grook imparts a mildly paralytic poison(+4). Grooks are solitary hunters, but will band together to raid settlements or large parties.

Grook: HD4; AC 4[15]; Atk weapon or bite (1d12); Move 12; Save 13; CL/XP 4/120XP; Special: Poison.

The Thoar is a reptilian beast of burden, six legged and up to twelve feet long and up to five feet high at the shoulder. Its scaly body ranges from yellow at the head to orange to red at the tail. The Thoar is mildly telepathic, and responds to most simple mental commands. It is vegetarian, and can survive for weeks at a time with no water.

Thoar: HD6; AC 2[17]; Atk 1bite (2d6); Move 12; Save 11; CL/XP 6/400XP; Special: +2 vs Mental Attacks

The Orux is a two-legged reptilian creature similar in stature to an ostrich, though much stronger. Like its cousin, the Thoar, it is mildly telepathic and responds to most simple mental commands. The scaly creatures are typically colored like the wastelands they come from, ochre, mustard, or crimson, but several domestic breeds display different colors. Orux are poplular mounts of the Red Planet, and can be found nearly anywhere, from the rural farms along the great canals to the wide avenues of the great cities. Wild and military Orux possesses vicious claws, and delivery a powerful rake, but domestic breeds are typically delcawed.

Orux (Wild or Military): HD4; AC 3[16]; Atk 1 bite (1d4) abd 2 claws (2d4); Move 18; Save 13; CL/XP 4/120XP; Special: Jump 20’.
Orux (Domestic): HD3; AC 4[15]; Atk 1bite (1d4); Move 18; Save 14; CL/XP 2/30; Special: Jump 20’.

The trebbit is a small egg-laying mammal roughly the size and shape of a lemur, though it possesses eight legs (save for the northern Snow Trebbit, which has ten). The creatures are popluar pets on the red planet, and are covered in silky golden, reddish, or blue fur (white for the northern breed). They are fairly intelligent creatures, not unlike the earthly dog, and be taught to fetch items and run simple errands.

Trebbit: HD ½; AC 6[13]; Atk 1bite (1d3); Move 15; Save 16; CL/XP A/5; Special: none.


  1. I dig me some Swords & Planet! ;O) Cannot wait to see the full version of this.

    I had mentioned your WOTRP game/this BLOG over at the OD&D boards some time back, and someone had asked if there was a "compilation" of sorts for these articles (easier to print out & yoink is my guess). Have you thought about collecting them all in one place on your site?

  2. I can't wait till this comes out! Are you going to put it out on Lulu?

  3. @litrtrdnk - I may do a .pdf compilation preview a couple of months before the official release to build a little buzz, but I'll try and add links to previous previews to future postings.

    @atom kid - yep, this will be available for print-on-demand or download.

    @Jeff - thanks:)

  4. glad to see the love for this neglected corner of fantastic fiction. I've tried at various points to get others interested in something similar, but with no luck. I even pitched a video game along those lines at one point, but my bosses didn't get it. I'll be interested to see how it turns out.

  5. Great monsters - the Grook is proper creepy

  6. Pretty cool. I'm assuming this is an homage to JC of Mars? I mean, couple of the creatures seem to be right out of there with just the names changed.

  7. Really neat critters. :D

    I'm glad I held-off on publishing my Mars game. Seems we're all thinking an the same clock speed.

  8. Great stuff! I was wondering if you could email me at planetalgolATgmailDOT as there something I would like to discuss with you.

  9. I am just finding out about all the goodness that is this project. It's amazingly cool and well done by the looks of the art and the stats I've seen. What is the projected release date.



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