Friday, January 7, 2011

Campaign Concept: Lost Civilizations - Underwater!

I'm a big archaeology buff, and stuff like this always intrigues me.

In cases like this where there may possibly be an entire lost page of history just waiting to be explored, the gamer in me can't help but think an underwater-based campaign of exploration would be a blast. Throw in a little Lovecraftian horror and lost Atlantean technologies and you've got a bang-up campaign concept.

I had fun with this on a more limited scale 25 years or so ago with the Judges Guild product Modron, which offers a lot of fun (and you should really have if you don't already).

But how about something on the scale of an entire hex-map, underwater? Hex-swim instead of hex-crawl?

Sounds fun to me.


  1. This is great! In my current campaign, a major site that the characters are moving toward exploring is a sunken city, but they're still a good ways off from there--thanks for re-igniting my enthusiasm...I'll do some map-making this weekend :D

  2. The old Darksword Trilogy RPG had great sections about undersea locales. There were the humans who had magically changed themselves to live underseas, and those who had built huge cities with air. Both would seem to offer great opportunities for adventure.

  3. There's a whole supplement for the Known World focusing on the underwater realms, with many race-as-class options for characters, neat undersea terrain (kelp forests! pearl beds! shipwrecks!), and the like. It also has a big hexcrawl-ish map, similar to those in the Gazetteer series, for the seas south of the continent of the Known World.

  4. Reminds me of material seen about lost Doggerland, which could tie into any number of mythologies.



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