Monday, April 25, 2011

Northaven Bestiary - Armorol

Another of the huge fauna of the valley, the Armorol is a normally peaceful giant that forages the wilder areas, feasting on giant leopard grubs and tubers. Its a voracious eater, and leaves swathes of deep holes in the areas it passes in its search for food. It only has one known predator, the increasingly scarce, sword-toothed cave lions of the upper Fringes. It is well defended against predation, though, due to its thick, armored shell and a mace-like, spiked tail.

Like the Behemoth, it also possesses a rudimentary psychic sensitivity, though whether it has any abnormal level of intelligence is unknown, as the beasts are largely solitary and extremely shy.

Armorol: HD 4-7; AC 2[18]; atk tail; dmg 2d6; Save as: F4-7; Special: psychic sensitivity, AC increased to 0[20] if Armorol takes no offensive action.

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