Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lazy Blog Post - Things I learned from Erol Otus

Yes, Virginia, it can get weirder.

Vegetables are bad for you.

Green and Purple are the colors of crazy.

Three-headed people are always hungry.

You're screwed.

Stay out of the pool.

Something is always watching you.

Ah, so that's why the girls got better grades.

Next time, bring cupcakes or the troll will eat you.

There's always a dragon at the bottom of the dungeon.

Lich got Jazz Hands!

Kermit is awesome!

Han always shoots first

Gnomes keep Ancient Elder Beings in their basements.

Girls are awesome!

Froghemoths are pretty awesome too!

Erol's character is cooler than yours.

Elf fighter-magic-users are cooler than your character, too.

Drow lady is always happy to see you.

Did I mention vegetables are bad for you?

Bugbears will mess you up.

Bad guys have social clubs too.

Ruuuuuunnnnn! Oh, too late :(


  1. I've seen every one of those except the leering teacher and the "make-out on the couch" illos. Where did they appear?

    "Stay out of the pool" made me laugh out loud. :)

  2. Always fun to see illustrations from Alma Mater (the pix that Anthony refers to, actually) - one of the earliest "black sheep" of the gaming community! I seem to recall the rules system wasn't actually too bad for its time - what a pity I ditched my copy years ago!

  3. Thanks, Sir Timothy. It sounds like something I'd want to add to my collection, just for the "oddity" value. :)

  4. I've never looked for a copy since, but I suspect it'll be quite hard (and therefore expensive) to find these days (because of the notoriety it gained at the time of publication).

    Good luck with your quest... and you know I'm off to eBay right now to try and find a copy here :)

  5. Well, from the "You're screwed" image, we learn that drow use iodine to sterilize the area to be stabbed during sacrifices to Loth! ;-)

  6. It's too bad there hasn't been a single source printed collection of his work.

  7. Thanks, I had not seen many of those before, and always love to see the old ones over and over again! Love the Erol Otus style. Wasn't the "lich" actually a B/X spectre?

    Yeah, I would so love to have a complete collection in a big art hardcover format. :D

  8. It's official: Lady Gaga stole her look from Erol's BD&D cover!



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