Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cool new RPG!

Its not exactly news that Inclusiveness has been a big deal in the gaming world recently, as recent events involving Monte Cook Games, Green Ronin's "Blue Rose" setting, and Gen Con have shown.

Hot on the heels of those headline grabbers, PajamaGuy Games has announced the eminent release of Gay Eskimo RPG, a role playing game set in the wilds of the arctic north. In this game a player can take up the role of a brave eskimo hunter, warrior, or shaman, and fend off such hazards as polar bears, packs of bloodthirsty arctic wolves, ice elementals, and even marauding orcas. More interestingly, the game features a randomized generation tool to give the players nearly endless icy underground labyrinths to explore.

We asked Gay Eskimo's designer, Terry D. of Berkeley, CA, what inspired him to create his latest masterpiece. "You, know," he said, "Being a Canadian transplant, I always thought about those great white spaces up north and wondered, 'what's all that about?', you know? Like, 'who's up there anyway?'. Imagine my surprise to find out the whole place was filled with Eskimos, and there is just no RPG on the shelves to emulate that whole experience, from a fantasy perspective."

When asked if recent events had influenced Gay Eskimo RPG at all, Terry said not really, but "I was impressed by the whole Gen Con thing. When Gen Con bravely stood up and announced it would be leaving Indianapolis if a certain law was passed, and then, when it was passed anyway, they said, you know what guys? We're not going anywhere. We're staying right here, so take that. That just struck me as being so brave, you know?"

We pressed Terry a little bit about the fact that, while his RPG certainly contains a lot about Eskimos, there was nothing in the game, that we could find, that had anything whatsoever to do with being gay. Why not, we asked, just call the game "Eskimo", instead of "Gay Eskimo"?

Terry shuffled his feet a little, looked us in the eye, and said, "well that wouldn't be very inclusive, now would it?"


  1. Dammit, I forgot that song even existed and now it's stuck in my head. A pox on you, sir.

  2. I get that it is April fools, but I don't get it.

  3. "You know," he said, "Being a Canadian transplant, I always thought about those great white spaces up north and wondered, "what's all that about?", you know?..."

    ::Undignified Guffaws::

    Hadn't been following the GenCon militantly pro-Gay faux-stance, unless it actually turns out we might have to live up to our word of walking away from Indiana, and, you know... lose real money, or something. Typical Corporate posturing for a buck. Sickening. One site mentions that Gen Con brings Indianapolis $50 Million a year. That's not including what the convention brings to its organizers. Sounds like this single event brings the state more money that WotC makes on D&D. Kinda staggering numbers.
    "Gen Con CEO and owner Adrian Swartout sent a letter to Pence on Monday in which she said the state will stand to lose the $50 million the convention brings to the city of Indianapolis if the bill becomes law."

    Never been to Gen Con, but I've read it's insanely overcrowded and overpriced, anyways. Does anyone think there still any reason this thing is worth going to these days, as opposed to all the other conventions out there?

  4. Thanks for the good laugh, Al! Cheers!

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