Monday, March 23, 2009

Artifacts of Legend

The Light-Spear of S'Tarius

This long spear is made of a pinkish, translucent crystalline material, shot through with gold veins or wires. Three ruby studs are set into the shaft about a foot up from the bottom. The point is sharp, but hollow, and if employed in its mundane fashion the weapon functions as a +1 spear. Depressing one or more of the ruby studs, however, cause the spear to emit a beam of light that burns through targets up to 120' away. Pressing one stud causes 1d6 points of damage (using 1 charge), two studs at once causes 3d6(using 3 charges), and all three studs at once causes 6d6 points of damage (using 7 charges).

The Light-Spear holds 10 charges at a time, and if exposed to sunlight will recharge at a rate of 1 charge per hour.

The Light-Spear's origins are shrouded in mystery, but some sages contend it was taken from the mythical Skyship of Har'ruul, a wrecked metal monstrosity, the location of which has been lost to time.

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