Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Cursed Tome of Mar-Karakor

Scowling as his companions scooped handfuls of coins into their sacks, Felaster did his best to ignore their frenzy as he peered intently around the great Vault. If the legends were true... Yes, there it was! He brushed a coil of threaded pearls aside, and lifted up a dusty book, bound in some strange copper-hued hide. A simple rune in the center of the cover confirmed the legend as true - Felaster held in his hands the long-lost Tome of Mar-Karakor.

Soon they would be safe, back in the City-State, and Felaster would be free to decipher and master the secrets of the Tome. That is, so long as madness didn't claim him first...

Mar-Karakor was a master of black sorcery in the Elder Days, and developed several foul arcane formulae of his own. The spells in the tome are difficult to master, and take an awful toll on the student's psyche. Each time a spell is successfully mastered, the Magic-User must roll a d20. If the result is a "1", he permanently loses a point of Wisdom. Furthermore, the spells are decidedly in the realm of Black Magic, and the DM may rule that mastering all seven of them results in an alignment step towards Chaos or Evil....

The Purple Pox of Inix Throll
Level 1
Range 120ft
Duration 1d6 rounds
The caster points and curses his selected human(oid) target with seeping purple boils all over his face and body. The victim is in excruciating pain, suffering a -2 penalty to hit and AC and suffering 1 point of damage each round until the curse expires.

Eyes of Barluur
Level 1
Range 40ft
Duration 1 Turn
The eyes of the caster glow with demonic promise, causing any foes within a 40' cone to make a morale check at -2 each round or flee in terror for the remaining duration of the spell (minimum 1 round).

Cloak of Shadows
Level 2
Range Cast upon self
Duration 2 Turns
The caster is draped in writhing shadows, granting a -2[+2] bonus to AC. Further, anyone attempting a melee attack against the caster takes 1d4 points of damage as the shadows lash out.

More to come...


  1. Very nice blog. I like the posts with a bit of prose, this gives a bit of depth to the game add-on.

  2. Very nice! I'd comments further but I'm too busy copying and pasting right now...

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