Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Cursed Tome of Mar-Karakor pt2

Yxagyg Coil
Level 2
Range 120ft
Duration 1d6 rounds
The caster selects a target to be wrapped in a coiling, serpentine entity of the void, which saps its strength and intellect. The target's strength and intelligence are reduced to 3 for the duration of the spell, unless a saving throw is made.

Blessing of Og Sohoth
Level 3
Range Cast upon self
Duration 3 rounds
The caster is transformed into a vaguely humanoid being with the properties of Green Slime and a movement rate of 6 for the duration of the spell.

Talons of Yrg
Level 3
Range Cast upon self
Duration 2 Turns
The caster takes upon himself the aspect of a shadowy denizen of the lower realms. He functions as normal, but may make 2 claw attacks per round for 1d4 damage each, and strikes with them as if he were a Fighting Man of the same level.

Syblymyr's Dark Compulsion
Level 4
Range 120ft
Duration 1d20 days
Perhaps the most vile of Mar-Karakor's spells, the target of this spell is infected with a homicidal madness that takes shape slowly over a period of 1d20 days. The target becomes obsessed with taking the life of someone close to himself, and will obsess about it more and more until acting on the impulse on the final day of the spell. The spell does not make the target stupid, and it will try to be clever and avoid detection if at all possible. It is rumored this spell caused the downfall of the royal family of Anubis Rise.

Tired of knocking, Gromli the Dwarf finally broke down the door to the wizard's room, and he and Holdmar the Cutpurse rushed in. To their dismay, Felaster was crouched, nude, in his closet, babbling and giggling. Though they were able to rouse him after a while, he was never really the same after that day...


  1. Great stuff! You should stitch the two parts together and submit them for the next issue of Fight On! magazine.

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