Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dar Taru's Emporium

Goods for your Sci-Fantasy Pulp-style S&W or LL campaign!

Dar Taru's Emporium is a dome-like structure made of opaque, smoke-colored glass, about a hundred feet in diameter. At night, the emporium raises up sixty feet into the air on four stilt-like steel legs. Inside, the Emporium is mainly composed of one large sales floor crammed with racks and shelves, and a couple of offices in the back.

Dar Taru (F4, AC7[12]) himself is an elderly man of slight build and a shock of white hair. He wears obsidian goggles at all times, and is clothed in a simple leather apron over his battle-harness. He carries an irradium pistol in a holster at his waist at all times. His two assistants, Blex and Harv Nar (HD3, AC6[14]), are almost always in the store with him. Blex and Harv Nar are members of a blue-skinned, three armed species called the Yevny, and they are armed with 3 shortswords each, as well as their own irradium pistols.

Some featured items at the Emporium this week:

Irradium Pistols 30gp
Range - 60'; Rate of Fire - 2; Dmg. 1d10; Weight 5; Ammunition - 10 bullets for 10gp
Irradium Pistols are hand-crafted sidearms with a whorled wood and brass stock, and a barrel of tempered steel. The pistols are named for the powdered substance in their bullets, irradium, which explodes upon contact to open air. Irradium pistol bullets do only 1d4 damage in airless environments. The pistol can contain 5 bullets at a time, and takes 1 round to fully reload. The butt of the pistol can be used as a clubbing weapon for 1d3 pts of damage.

Irradium Rifles 90gp
Range - 120'; Rate of Fire 1; Dmg. 2d6; Weight 12; Ammuntion - 10 bullets for 20gp
Irradium Rifles are hand-crafted, 8' long wood and steel weapons with a rifled barrel for greater range and accuracy. Attacks within range are made at +1 to hit. As with the irradium pistol, the bullets are innefective in airless environments, and only do 1d4 pts of damage. The rifle must be loaded each round, as it only holds one bullet at a time.

Weapons Harness 30gp
Effect on AC -3[+3]; Weight 25
This traditional warrior's weapons harness is composed of interlocking leather straps with metal plates of brass, copper, or steel fixed over the sternum, shoulders, and back. The harness is made to accomodate a longsword, shortsword or handaxe, dagger, and pistol, and also includes a small ammunition pouch with enough room for 20 pistol rounds (or 10 rifle rounds).

Arm Bracers 20gp
Effect on AC -1[+1]; Weight 6
This is a set of four brass, copper, or iron armbands (two for the forearms, and two for the upper arms), that offers further protection to unarmored indivuduals, or individuals wearing weapons harness, leaving both arms free for weapon use. They offer no further protection, however, if used in conjunction with a shield.

Wilderness Shroud 10gp
Weight 2
The Wilderness Shroud is a hooded, cloak-like garment of gauzy material designed to protect the wearer in harsh environmental conditions. It keeps the wearer cool in temperatures of up to 110 degrees, and warm in temperatures as low as 20 degrees. It also protects the wearer from exposure to the effects of rain or harsh sunlight. When not in use, it may be crumpled into a small ball for easy storage.

Water Wand 25gp
Weight 1
The Water Wand is a hollow, sealed brass tube containing a portion of deluvium filaments. Deluvium is a near-weightless material that is magnetically attracted to fresh water, and the water wand will point in the direction of any source of fresh water within a half-mile.

Necrotiz Culture 10gp
Weight 1/5
Necrotiz Culture is a bacterium typically used to clean the flesh from a deceased loved one so the skeleton can be properly buried or displayed. Adventurers sometimes use the substance as a weapon to combat the undead. The Culture is contained in a disk-like glass container of jelly that can be thrown accurately up to 10 feet. If it breaks against a fleshy undead creature, such as a ghoul or zombie, the bacterium consumes the undead for 1d6 rounds, doing 1d6 points of damage per round.

Gas Belt 50gp
Weight 5
A Gas Belt is a wide leather belt with a flexible membrane in the back. When activated, the membranous pocket fills with a gravity-repellant gas, allowing the wearer to float upwards at up to 20' per round for up to 6 rounds. A small valve in the front of the belt allows the wearer to descend at a similar rate. Gas Belts can be recharged at the Emporium or other similarly-equipped locations for a fee of 10gp, though the membrane wears out after 5 uses and a new belt must then be purchased.

Grapple Charge 10gp
Weight 6
This is a special irradium-charged grappling hook that may be affixed to the barrel of an irradium pistol or rifle, and will shoot the hook and up to 50' of rope to a distance of up to 50'. The charged hook may only be used once, as the firing element is destroyed when the irriadium ignites.

Vorlum Paste 450gp
Weight 1
This is a small, stoppered clay pot containing 6 applications of Vorlum Paste, a gluey susbstance that will seal and heal wounds. Each application heals 1d4 points of damage immediately, with a further 1 point being healed each hour for 4 hours afterward. Only one application of Vorlum Paste is effective for an individual every 24 hours.

Dreza Capsules 15gp
Weight 1/10
This small match-box sized container contains 3 dreza capsules. Each capsule can sustain a man for one day as if he had consumed a normal day's rations. They will not sustain an individual indefintely, however, and will have no effect after 3 concurrent days of use.

Irradium Gum 5gp
Weight 1
This is a small block of rubbery material contained in wax-sealed paper. The block may be unwrapped and will adhere to a surface or object. After 1d6 rounds of exposure to open air, the block will ignite, doing 2d6 points of damage to whatever it has been affixed to, and setting flammable materials ablaze.


  1. As I posted on the S&W forum: I would really like to run an original trilogy Star Wars type S&W game (the feel of Star Wars without the characters) and this gear is a great start. Thank you for posting it.

  2. You know, I don't know that I could ever pull the trigger on "a weapon harness has a bonus of 3 for AC" even for a specific setting.

    But now that you put it in print, maybe I can take the plunge.

  3. The range of the Wilderness Shroud seems to be in degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe you could have conversions for non-Americans?

  4. Love the idea of the Necrotiz Culture. In one short paragraph you've described a wondrous item, its usage in adventuring, and told us how the warriors of the Red Planet honor their dead. By the eggshell of my First Ancestor, that's brilliant! :)

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