Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost Monsters of B/X - Caecilia

B/X had quite a few monsters unique to itself, which just never seemed to worm their way into the general monster population of D&D's other and later editions.

AC 6[13]
HD 6
Atk Bite (1d8)
Special Swallow whole
Move 15(Crawl or Dig)
Save 10 (Fighter5)
No. Appearing 1d3
Morale 9
Treasure Type B
These 30' long, slimy, gray worms are voracious predators, often lurking just behind dungeon walls, floors, or ceilings (or spongy wilderness earth) and waiting for the vibrations of passing prey to bring them forth. Their toothy maws can swollow up anything horse-sized or smaller on a natural roll of 19-20. Swallowed victims are largely helply helpless and suffer 1d8 points of damage per round until dead, though they may attack with a small weapon such as a knife or dagger (at -4 to-hit). A faint scent, reminiscent of cinnamon and ozone, may linger in caecilia hunting grounds, warning savvy dungeoneers of their possible presence. The tooth of a Caecilia is rumored to enhance spells of an earthy nature.


  1. Amazing work, Al. Lets hope you give the other monsters their stats.

  2. I was a bit bemused by these. They always struck me as just Purple Worm lite. That said, a little fluff change and they'd make for great "Burrowers Beneath" Chthonians...

  3. Purple Worm lite?

    Make it so the creature has a symbiotic relationship with little lobster monsters, which it spews forth like a breath weapon. These lobsters grapple prey and drag it back to be devoured by the main worm. The worm then in turn secretes a substance which feeds the lobsters.

    The bones it chews up become more bony plating on its hide. Very old and successful worms have the thickest hides.



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