Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Table: Atonement

This one's by request...

What happens when the Cleric, Priest, Druid, or Paladin in the party offends his or her deity or breaks a law or tenet? Traditionally, all class benefits are suspended until proper penance or atonement is performed. Roll on the table below to determine that atonement:

Atonement (2d12)
2. Fast for seven days and seven nights.
3. Eliminate an enemy of the temple.
4. Donate a magic item to the temple.
5. Convert one unbeliever per level of the penitent.
6. Donate 100gp per level to the temple.
7. Undertake a quest to recover a lost relic.
8. Subdue a powerful monster to serve the temple.
9. Spend a week spreading the word to the unwashed masses of the slums.
10. Arrange and pay for the construction of a new statue or icon for the temple.
11. Take 1d6 temple acolytes everywhere with you for the next 30 days and teach them.
12. Steal an important relic from a rival temple.
13. Establish a mission in a foreign land.
14. Petition a local ruler to favor your religion above all others.
15. Throw a gold piece into the sea every day at dawn and sunset for 30 days.
16. Undertake a quest to petition a famous oracle for seven prophesies.
17. Undergo ritual scarring and tatooing.
18. Perform a hallucinogen-fueled "Vision Quest".
19. Challenge and defeat a rival in one-on-one ritual combat.
20. Defile the tomb of long-dead enemy of the religion.
21. Be confined to stocks and ridiculed for 24 hours in front of the temple.
22. Survive a week of mental and physical torture.
23. Spend a night in a pit filled with venomous serpents, spiders, hungry lions, etc.
24. Survive a week in the wilderness with no equipment or assistance.


  1. And here I thought you were "atoning" for random tables! (Perish the thought!)

    Oh, and yoink!

  2. It's time the d12 got a bit of love! Except if I ever roll 23....

  3. Ha. I also liked having to roll a double d12. Those poor boys get dusty. Very cool Al. Thanks.

  4. I hope my DM doesn't see this.



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