Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Humanoid Mutation Table

Use this table to give your orcs, goblins, kobolds, hobgoblins, etc, a little more personality, and hopefully make your players a little more nervous. It can also be used to differentiate one tribe from another. Roll three or four times for maximum insanity.

Random Humanoid Mutation Table (3d12)
3. Three arms, three legs.
4. Insectoid Mandibles.
5. Eyes glow alternating flashes of green and blue.
6. Hands and feet end in birdlike talons.
7. Human faces of unearthly beauty.
8. Shaggy pelts of green, mossy fur.
9. Constantly drool glowing green ichor.
10. Tatooed head-to-toe in Cthuloid symbols and runes.
11. Impeccably dressed.
12. Big, flapping, bat-wing ears.
13. Bumpy, green, troll-like skin.
14. Sharp metal attachements in place of fingers.
15. Vestigial wings, good only for gliding from a height.
16. Emit an unnerving keening sound as they fight.
17. Scaly Purple Snakeskins.
18. Comically huge feet.
19. Vomit disgusting but harmless black bile onto their opponents.
20. Chant obscure mathematical formulae to any who'll listen.
21. Bright red skin, forked prehensile tails, and small horns.
22. Hair appears to be mass of writhing bloodworms.
23. All have heads of various animals: lions, snakes, beetles, etc.
24. Surrounded by a chilling aura of shadow.
25. Brain protudes from back of head.
26. Four, thin, insect-like arms.
27. Each has two heads.
28. Constantly leak fetid, salty water from pores.
29. Have masses of tentacles in place of legs.
30. Leave trails of slug-like slime wherever they go.
31. Grossly Obese.
32. Skin changes color like chameleon.
33. Have fins and gills, googly fisheyes, breathe water.
34. Long, waving eyestalks.
35. Albino - pink skins, red eyes, white hair.
36. Partially composed of metal and stone.


  1. Neat. Especially good if you want to add a little more weird to your fantasy.

  2. That's a keeper! You should send it in to Fight On! for the next ish.

  3. Consider this one swiped! I agree with Jeff, this belongs in Fight On!

  4. Loving these!

    Although I'm wondering if the "probability bell curve" effect is intention? There would be a lot of mutants with mutations # 17-22, but mutations # 3,4, 35 & 36 are going to be very rare, as in less than a %.1 chance of occurring in some cases.

  5. @Blair - interesting observation! No, not intentional, but a world where the majority of humanoids have comically large feet sounds pretty cool to me ;)

  6. "a world where the majority of humanoids have comically large feet sounds pretty cool to me ;)"

    I am all about D&D nonhumans looking like muppets where appropriate!



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