Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CNN on D&D

From here.

Some interesting reporting on what WotC is doing to get players to the table.


  1. *shrug*

    I'm not buying any WotC product any more.

  2. Wow! An awesome new board game called D&D!

  3. Heh, thanks for the link, Al. I can't help but look and see what WOTC is doing with the game. Like a train wreck, I can't look away, no matter how horrible it is.

  4. I'm currently playing a 4e game with my cousins, and we're loving it. I think that 4e was the correct direction for WotC to take D&D.

    I also love old school games, and wish that they would re-release the old games as PDFs.

  5. "Wizards of the Coast, the current publishers of D&D, recognized that some of the 24 million people who used to play the game left, not because they didn't want to play, but because their lifestyles changed and they didn't have the time anymore -- so they have created a new rules system to address those concerns and bring back their former fans."

    1) If the intent of the new rules was to make the game easier to play in bite-sized chunks, why did combat length go up 400%?

    2) 24 million didn't leave. They just never adopted editions past the one they started with. Sure, as far as TSR, WotC and now Hasbro are concerned anyone who has stopped buying has "left the hobby," but who wants "paying for the same thing four times with new numbers penciled in" as a hobby?



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