Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paizo Greyhawk Maps available again

This is a fantastic 4-set of maps. I got my from Dragon/Dungeon mag before their demise, and they are a nice treat to say the least.

Grab them here.


  1. This is great news! Get them before Hasbro pulls 'em again!

  2. Too bad they aren't offering the original ones drawn by Darlene.

  3. Cool. I have a copy and its nice having. I wish WotC would let Paizo do more old setting stuff again...

  4. I've still got my Darlene map, and if I ever get enough space on a wall, it's going up there. :)

  5. Heh I'd like to see e-Dragon and e-Dungeon offer up stuff like this... ohh wait they can't.

    I actually just found one of these maps at the bottom of a box in my garage the other day.. a little smudged, but still servicable.

  6. How detailed are the maps? Down to towns and strongholds? Or just capitals and major cities?



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