Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lazy Blog Post - Monster / Sc-Fi Models

I always loved models like this when I was a kid - I built several, though none survive today, due to a combination of firework mishaps, rough battles, and parental meddling.


  1. Bless you, Al.

    I had so many of these as a kid. Love the horror ones.

    For those still into cool space ships, here's a good link:
    I'm stunned by how far some modelbuilders will go for accuracy with refit kits, etc.

    Thanks again for brightening the day a bit.

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  3. Thanks, AI, for the flashbacks!

    I built many of those too, although none have survived. They never made plastic resistant enough for firecrackers, did they?

    I remember many 3-D games of Battleship with my cousins: we'd build aircraft carrier & ship models, put them in a creek and bomb the heck out of each other's fleets. Until I built about 10 Seaviews, gave them some weight so they floated a few feet under the water and remained untouchable. Until one cousin created depth-charges with m-80's tied to rocks!

    Oh, good times. . .


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  5. Ah, welcome back, Chinese pron vendor!

  6. You'll likely get a kick out of Pete von Sholly's art for these plastic model boxes that never were ...



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