Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Adventure Record Love

Don't you just want to fill this in over the course of three or four awesome sessions? Disguises? Debts incurred? Monsters Overcome? Comrades Lost? Gotta love this Adventure Record sheet!

Good stuff, courtesy of the Mad Irishman.


  1. This is a great set of Character Sheets! I've got a copy.

  2. Even includes the missing AC box that the original forgot.

    However I must say this is a product that seems like a good idea at first but somehow never gets used after two or three sessions.

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  4. I could definitely see a use for a trimmed-down version that includes all the "frequently scratched out and rewritten" parts of the character sheet - the spells memorized and cast, hit points, weapon in hand, GP and XP ...

    I think what they have here is too overburdened with more static stuff like saving throws and thief abilities, that only get changed when you level up.

  5. all bow
    to the mighty erol otis ; - )



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