Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Red Crystal Caverns - A Megadungeon Sublevel

Red Crystal Caverns is available for free download here.

Its a sublevel designed to be dropped into any megadungeon, though I suppose it could be used as a stand-alone, one-level dungeon as well. Its primarily "funhouse" style, but there is a bit of a theme for players to discover as they explore as well. Its best for characters of 5-10th level, but lower level parties could be amusing for the referee:) It was made with a little help from the random charts in the BtBG 2009 Compendium.

For more on Megadungeons, check the Megadungeon Resources page.


  1. That would make for some nice adventuring. I love the red crystal idea. Perhaphs a cavern map would be appropriate?

  2. I click on it and it keeps taking me to Bloomberg.com.

  3. @Darnizhaan - you may need to check your popup blocker; it does that to me on my desktop (though a little careful mouse precision helps me avoid this), but not my laptop (which has a more up to date browser).



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