Saturday, August 21, 2010

Open Game Table 2

Open Game Table 2 is out, and, like the first volume, is filled with creative gaming goodness from the intarwebs. Includes articles from folks like James Maliszewski, Lorne Marshall, Zachary Houghton, Michael Shorten, and even that ne'er-do-well from Beyond the Black Gate.

The articles cover a satisfyingly wide selection of subjects, from D&D's roots up to the latest edition, and lots of great advice on different campaign designs and character styles, sandbox prep and even sex & D&D (phil would approve). It's kind of like an accidental issue of "Fight On!", but the kind only possible through the hard work of Jonathan Jacobs and the other editors and artists involved in the project.

Get it here on .pdf or here in print.


  1. I think all of us involved owe Jonathan Jacobs a big round of applause for his tireless efforts on this project.

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