Thursday, August 26, 2010

Portals of Kn'deesh

"Millenia ago, before the continents of Omegea had travelled across the One Sea to meet again on the other side of the world, the great war between the lords of Chaos and Law began, plunging mankind and its bastard children into a dark age they would never recover from. Taking pity upon them, the Immortal Kn'Deesh travelled to the scattered enclaves of man and instructed them in the construction of many eldritch stone rings. The great menhirs were carved and pulled from the deep places, and Kn'Deesh blessed them so that, if one knew the proper commands and rituals, one could travel from one civilized community to the next, without having to brave the long, Chaos-tainted miles in between, thereby helping to keep the fires of civilization burning.

Even today, my young apprentice, the portals exist, though the stone rings have often weathered beyond the point of all recognition. What's more, they still work! I myself have traveled from the stone ring in the Commons Park beyond the Grey Market of Majinta to the stone ring looking out across the tumbling ice cliffs of the Salindra Fjord. Guard well this scroll, and the arcane rhymes within, for it is the key to traveling the wide lands of Omegea without wasting several lifetimes sitting upon the blist
er-inducing back of a Loro! Exercise caution, though - the paths between the rings are not always empty!"

Activate Portal
Spell Level: 3rd (Magic User)
Range: Special
Duration: 1 round per level
Incanting this spell activates the slumbering magic of a Stone Ring of Kn'Deesh, opening a shimmering black doorway into a winding complex of tunnels, chambers, and doors (some with runes indicating their destination), not unlike the scene one would find in an Escher painting. Exiting through the doors in this demiplane brings one to the middle of another stone ring. Unfriendly creatures sometime haunt the
se passages, and referees should check for wandering monsters if players linger overlong.


  1. Awesome. I am reminded of the World Knots in the Myth CRPGs from Bungie (and I'm sure they had other inspirations). Such portals would be a great way to rationalize mostly-civilized points of light in a sea of hostile wilderness.

  2. Very nice. It recalls some scenes I recall from, IIRC, Feist's later novels set in Midkemia.



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