Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back From the Future

I've been having a great time following the discussion over at Necromancer Games about developing "Classic 4E", a PHB companion that hews more closely to the feel of Gygax's AD&D. Only time will tell how successful they are, but until LL and S&W feature as prominantly on the shelves at Borders and Barnes & Noble as 4E and Pathfinder do (and I remain optimistic that this will, in fact, happen!), I think its fair to lend our support - this is, after all, where a lot of "new" players for old-school games will ultimately come from!

At any rate, it struck me that a whole lot of people spend a whole lot of time converting old-school stuff to 3.5 or 4E rules, but seldom to I see anyone do the opposite: find a good item or idea in 3.5 or 4E and retrograde it. So here are some 4E spells for your old-school Magic-User:

Level 1
Range 30'
Duration Instantaneous
A wave of sound crashes out in a 30' cone. Anyone in its path suffers 1d6 damage and is thrown back 2d3x10', out of melee range.

Scorching Burst
Level 2
Range 120'
Duration Instantaneous
This "little cousin" to the Fireball spell causes an eruption of flames within the range of the spell, that blasts anyone within 10' of the targeted point with 1d6 points of fire damage.

Beguiling Tongue
Level 2
Range 120'
Duration 1d6 Hours
The caster gains the glibness and charm of the fey, allowing him to adjust the reaction of sentient creatures towards him by up to three steps in his favor. Even hostile orcs will treat favorably with the caster, though when the spell expires, they will be aware they have been duped and act accrodingly.

Curse of the Dark Dream
Level 3
Range 120'
Duration 1 Turn
This spell inflicts one sentient target with nightmarish visions unless it makes a successful saving throw, causing it to stumble around blindly, weeping and screaming. The target sustains 1d4 damage each round from the psychic pain of the spell and from the damage it inflicts upon itself in its terror.

Shadow Form
Level 4
Range Personal and up to 5 other creatures touched
Duration 3 rounds
The caster and up to 5 other creatures touching him are transformed into batlike shadow creatures which can fly at a rate of 120' per round, transforming back to flesh at the beginning of the fourth round.

Arcane Gate
Level 5
Range 360'
Duration Concentration
This spell opens a sustainable Dimension Door between two points no more than 360' feet apart, both of which must be visible, or have been viewed in the past, by the caster. The gateway remains open for as long as the caster concentrates on it, and closes after the caster has passed through it or stops concentrating.

Elemental Maw
Level 6
Range 240'
Duration 1 round
This spell opens a 10' wide portal into a furious elemental vortex. All creatures within 30' sustain 2d6 points of damage and must make a successful saving throw or be pulled into the maw, sustaining another 5d6 points of damage. At the end of the round, creatures pulled into the vortex reappear at a random point within 120' feet of it.


  1. A great idea! Implementing game elements like this into a simulacrum style of play, superb!

  2. Cool stuff, Ravyn! I'm definitely stealing these for some baddies in my B/X game. Keep up the good work.

    Prismatic DM

    P.S. I started a blog for classic B/X D&D, if you're interested (everyone seems to be doing it these days!):

  3. Again, nice work.

    I particularly like the "mini fireball."

    I was just telling my son that his Elf could research "improved" versions of some spells with better effects (such as a "super sleep" or something) but it has never occurred to me that "lite" versions could be developed, too.

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