Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Warriors of the Red Planet

Old School Pulp Sci-Fantasy in the vein of Burroughs, Kline, Moorcock, and Brackett. Old School Rules in the vein of Swords & Sorcery and Labyrinth Lord. Coming Soon...


  1. I will be watching!

  2. Ditto! I love me some good sword-and-planet action.

  3. Captain Murphy: I am declaring Martian law!
    Sparks: Um, I think its martial law.
    Captain Murphy: Silence! Under Martian law... uh... what are my powers, exactly?
    Sparks: Under martial law, you could suspend habeas corpus, empower a posse comitatus...
    Captain Murphy: That's crap. Mars is wild, untamed. I'm forming a cadre of Martian knights charged with enforcing Martian law.

    Sorry, couldn't resist the Sealab gag. :)

  4. I have the strength of 10 gorillas! ;-)

  5. The full-size version of that art piece was my desktop background at home for a year or so.

    I'll be keeping an eye out - this sounds very sweet.

  6. I've been making up for a huge hole in my education lately by immersing myself in all things Mars. I just had to become a follower of this blog, for I too will be watching with anticipation. :)

  7. ERB's Barsoom is one of my all-time favorite worlds and I look forward to seeing what kinds of stuff you put together for a Red Planet campaign!



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