Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the Sacred Shrine of Ylalla

The sacred shrine lies upon a heavily wooded hillside about 3 miles outside of town. It consists of three 60' wide conical structures made of red cedar, descending steplike down the hillside. The hillside has been carved into gardened terraces over the centuries, and gravel trails lead along them. Behind the wooden buildings is an ancient stone circle consisting of nine twelve-foot tall megaliths surrounding a central divining pool of raised stone. The pool is spring fed, and spills over into a stream that tumbles down the rear of the hill into a deep, stony ravine. Several dark openings are visible in the walls of the ravine, tombs of priestesses dead and returned to Ylalla's womb.

Ylalla is a local goddess of Fertility, Rejuvenation, and Vengefulness. She is depicted as youthful woman projecting overt sexuality and her visage may range from caring to lustful to fierce. She is typically garbed in a simple crimson toga and holds a sheaf of barley in one hand and a barbed spear in the other.

The clergy of Ylalla is exclusively female. Upon reaching 2nd level, priestesses cease to age visibly, retaining their youthful appearance and fertility until the final 9 days of their natural lifespan, during which they age suddenly. They are typically garbed in crimson togas, but will don chain shirts and bear both shield and spear when necessary. Holy rites are observed twice monthly as the moon the waxes and wanes, and both summer and winter solstices are the most important holy days, attended by all local worshipers.

Currently residing at the Shrine are:
Arja, High Priestess (C7)
Carola, Captainess of the Shrine's Guard (F4), Arja's constant companion.
Essi, Asst. High Priestess (C5)
Hanna, Ida, Jaana, Shrine Adepts (C2)
Ilsa, Kaari, Laila, Maarit, Shrine Guards (F1)
Annika, Elisa, Helvi, Ilta, Janna, Katri, Mira, Nea, Oona, Riia, Shrine Acolytes (C1)
Paavo, Dwarf "handyman" (D3), the only male residing at the shrine.


  1. Please take me to this shrine.
    I insist.

  2. Paavo is one lucky dwarf! "You must give us all a good spanking!" Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

  3. If you are going for Finnish names, which certainly looks to be the case, you should know that some of them are very modern, while others not so. Mostly, Mira and Nea seem to be out of place, as too explicitly modern. Also, ilta means evening.

  4. How very cool that someone who happens to know Finnish popped in to see my humble blog! Thanks for the info, thanuir.

    The names are indeed (a peek "behind the DM screen" here, folks!) from a Finnish baby names website, something I do when I want a lot of names fast with a certain flavor. I've found Basque, Celtic, Swedish, Inuit, Maori, Polynesian, and Turkish baby name sites very useful as well ;-)



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