Monday, May 18, 2009

Back From the Future, pt2

Yet again, I'm mining the "modern" edition for stuff to use in my old-school games, much like the spells here in part 1.

Belt of Vigor
This chain mail belt enhances the potency of healing spells cast upon you, adding +1 to the result.

Gloves of Piercing
These rippling, scaled gloves enable the wearer to strike, regardless of the weapon held, creatures affected only by magical weapons.

Cloak of Resistance
This cloak imparts a +1 bonus to all saving throws made by the wearer.

Amulet of Health
This amulet imparts a +3 bonus to saving throws against poison.

Shield of Protection
Once per day, for one round, this +1 shield conveys a +3 bonus to AC for you and an adjacent ally.

Catstep Boots
The wearer of these boots takes only half damage when falling, and always lands on his feet.

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