Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emirikol the Chaotic

Emirikol the Chaotic
Chaotic Magic User 8
AC 2[17] HP 33
Str13 Int17 Wis7 Dex15 Con14 Cha11
Spells: charm person, protection from good, shield, magic missle x2; invisibility, phantasmal force, web; fireball, suggestion; wall of fire.
Equipment: Amulet of Defense(AC5[14]), Cloak of Displacement, Dust of Sneezing and Choking, Boots of Levitation, Ring of Regeneration, Wand of Cold(14ch), Wand of Polymorph Other(6ch), Spellbook, 2 daggers.

Emirikol got his start like many other adventurers, delving dungeons on the borderlands of civilization. He helped rid the borderlands of a great evil, a high priest of chaos who was organizing a number of different humanoid tribes to raid human lands from their warren of caves. His greed for arcane knowledge was great, and he unwisely delved into the mysteries of several tomes found among the loot of the dark priest's chapel.

While he did indeed gain much knowledge, his mind was broken in the process, and he ended up pledging his soul to the entities of hell to gain further power. Emirikol now spends his time as a mercenary mage, using the proceeds of his profession to further his research. He has been outlawed in several towns and provinces due to his ruthless business practices, but will risk entering unfriendly areas if the price is right.

Due his pact with hell, his spells often take on a fiery aspect, and he is able to summon up a nightmare steed, Acheriol, up to three times a day.


  1. Nice one, always wondered what the background might be to Trampier's art in the 1E DMG. Here's a larger picture if anyone doesn't have it: http://www.retroist.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/emirikol-the-chaotic.jpg ...Come back to us Dave! We miss ya.

  2. That is a nice write=up, squire.
    Don't tell Matt Finch, but I am doing a special S&W write-up for him based on a thread I saw somewhere.

  3. Like many, I'm sure, I've always liked good old Emirikol. I used him in a game, but I think he was only about 4th level. I had intended him to be a recurring bad guy, but I think the PCs took him out in the first encounter.

    Nice write up.

  4. Quantifying the enigmatic Emirikol is a line no mortal should dare cross. It will be a few years before we devise a worthy punishment but punished you will be.

  5. @Norman: Haha. That's sort of how I felt when I let PCs kill my own Emirikol back in the day. It was like "Gee, I hope no one tells anyone..."

  6. Sweet...I ended up making a lesser deity for my campaign named Emirikol the Chaotic...



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