Sunday, May 31, 2009

Standard Starting Equipment Package.

Ming's Tavern has long been a popluar watering hole for adventuring types, and it usually doesn't take long for the latest group of new friends, well lubricated with Ming's own Fat Lip Lager, to decide they must, at that very moment, set forth and conquer whatever dungeon is most popular at the time. Recognizing this, Ming has started a sort of side-industry, selling "Ming's Essential Dungeoneer's Kits" (or "MEDKits" for short), usually admonishing loudly bragging adventurers as they head out the door, "what're you gonna eat down there, your axe?"

Ming keeps at least a dozen kits on hand at any time, sometimes more during particularly busy seasons. When he makes a sale, he sends his washing-up boy, Cletus the Idiot, down to the basement to fetch however many are needed. Ming's kits cost a mere 15gp and weigh only 15lbs. They usually include:

Flint & Steel
Grappling Hook
Trail Rations (4 days worth)
Hemp Rope (50')
2 15lb-capacity sacks
Iron Spikes (5)
Torches (10)
Oil (1 pint)
Ming's Fat Lip Lager (1 pint)
Wooden Holy Symbol of Ylalla

Ming is a devout worshipper of Ylalla, the Goddess of Healing and Fertility, attending services every Moonday. He thusly includes a wooden holy symbol of the goddess in every Kit, in the hopes adventurers will turn to her worship in their hour of greatest need!

For an additional cost, Ming also keeps 10' Poles (2sp) and Daggers (2gp) on hand for sale, both of which have been blessed by the Ylallan priestesses. In his spare time (which isn't much), Cletus rolls Kiff Cigars from the local pipeweed, and sells them for a mere 1cp each!


  1. Nice.
    I love the aroma of those Kiff cigars. ;)

  2. As many players are of the gullible sort, I would take this basic idea but have the seller as some questionable (but cleaned up) huckster that has three or four of these on hand that are fully kitted out, and about twenty that are missing something (accidents will happen, nobody is perfect) so that he can fleece adventurers.

    "More rope? No problem, just let me fetch some from my..Hey! I didn't get any rope! Whoa, look at the teeth on those things!"

  3. AncientVaults wins the "Evil DM" prize for May!

    Cool idea, i can see 39' of rope instead of 50, hammers that break apart when used, leaky waterskins, useless or explosive oil, and bedrolls with lice...

    I doubt Ming would risk it, those adventuring types can get a bit nasty... your huckster should be ready to leave town at a moments notice;-)

  4. I have a kit very similar to this in my own games, but I do like Ming's personal touch, with the holy symbol. Good Stuff, great pun.



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