Friday, May 1, 2009

Black Magic pt1

Gazolius waded through the throng of battling men and orcs, shoving both friend and foe out of the way with his flaming staff. At last, there he was: Gur Garag, Baron of Carcer Crag. Garag had eluded him for the last time, and this day Gazolius would see to it the villain's soul was sent back to the Abyss from which it came in the most painful way possible, even if it meant damning his own soul.

The Curse of Xurgk
Level 4
Range 90'
Duration 1 round/level
This foul spell envelopes the target in a twisting, gnawing shroud of dark, smoke-like energy. Each round, the spell breaks one of the victim's bones (determined randomly or DMs choice) with a loud snap!, causing 1d12 points of damage, and rendering the affected limb useless. If the affected target does nothing else each round but attempt to fight off the shroud, the target is entitled to a saving throw.



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