Saturday, January 23, 2010

L4 Devilspawn - the return of Len Lakofka

If you frequent Dragonsfoot, then I don't have to tell you L4 was a bit of a long-running gag. Its been "coming out soon" since 2005 or so! Yet here it is, in all its glory, at last, and with some companion material to boot. Be forwarned, this is a 38mb download!

So if you want to see what's been going on over at the Lendore Isles since Bone Hill, the Assassin's Knot, and Dwarven Delve, be sure to check it out.

Some Quick details:
136 pages.
For character levels 3-5.
Oriented toward 1E AD&D.
Our friend Andy "Atom" Taylor contributes a lot of interior artwork.
Starts out in the same Lake Farmin/Restenford area as previous "L" adventures.
Appears to be quite a tour-de-force of Lendore Locations.
22 pages of full-color maps.


  1. I just downloaded and read L4. Talk about a lot of rich content! I actually feel guilty that it was free.

    Tons of maps and really detailed descriptions of just about everyone... just incredible.

    The Lendore series really shines through the decades.

  2. The cover is cool! A lot of work on the maps, too.

  3. I d/d'd the Companion, but when I tried the module, I received an error.
    --I'll try again.

    Thanks for the info.



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