Thursday, January 21, 2010

PC Events: Druid

PC Events: Druid(d12)
1. The water from the spring in your sacred grove has turned blood red. What can this mean?
2. A local farmer is complaining that his home and crops are being covered in some sort of gray, pernicious fungi. He pleads for help.
3. A gravely wounded centaur has stumbled into your grove, but dies before he can tell what has happened.
4. A young, local baronet has begun hunting deep in the forbidden woods, ignoring the pacts his forefathers made with the druids.
5. Mistletoe crumbles into ash at your touch. Have you displeased Nature in some way, or is something more diabolical at play?
6. You realize that up until now, most of your actions have been to further the cause of Good. You ponder what actions you should take to be sure all things are in proper Balance.
7. Just days before a great contest for the seat of Archdruid, the incumbent comes to you and hints that any secret aid you can give him will result in high favor.
8. A nearby band of pixies has taken offense at the local tanner, and torment him nightly. Can you mediate a resolution to the dispute before things get out of hand?
9. A strange blight has begun afflicting the hardwoods around your sacred grove. It seems to be resistant to magic. How will you stop the disease before everything is ravaged by it?
10. A nearby village has been sacked by orcs. The village's hetman comes to you seeking shelter for twelve unruly orphans.
11. Strange relics have begun to surface in nearby fields and wells, depicting a dark elder god long forgotten by all, but mentioned in the oldest druidic records.
12. The residents of a nearby village have been exhibiting strange, fishlike mutations. Some whisper that a cruel new cult is behind the disfigurements.

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  1. I like this one the best so far, but they've all been good. I'm just biased in favour of Druids. :D

  2. These just keep getting better and better.



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