Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Chart: PC Events

Over the years I've found that adding little "real life" elements to a character's career can add quite a bit of depth to the players' experience, and keep them more personally invested in the game. By "real life" I mean the character's interactions with the campaign world outside the dungeon or wilderness adventures that compose most of the campaign.

The following charts are intended to be rolled on once per month, or at least once per period of "extended down time", however that works out in your campaign. As you use a line item, replace it with another so you always have a nice variety, and some events may influence or provide the catalyst for new ones. The player should usually have a choice of whether to involve the other players or not.

PC Events: Assassin(d12)
1. An upstart Assassin's guild is forming in your hometown. Will you choose sides and participate in the battle for dominance, or wait things out (and hope the victor isn't too angry at you)?
2. Your Assassins Guildmaster has decided his organization has grown too large for him to safely control. He demand's your assistance in culling out the more threatening elements.
3. You receive a contract to eliminate a corrupt city official: No Witnesses. Yet when you move in for the kill, the official's innocent child bride is present. This wasn't part of the deal!
4. Your favored "vendor" of poison has been killed by a rival vendor. Will you shop at the competition, seek revenge, or is there more to the killing than has yet been revealed?
5. You begin to get "moral quandries" about your profession. Is there a higher power behind this sudden indecision?
6. An up-and-coming new addition to the Assassin's Guild has decided you're the biggest roadblock to his/her advencement.
7. Local thugs have started to "shake down" one of your friends or family. Despite their stupidity and ineptitude, they are unfortunately well-connected. This could get out of hand!
8. A popular local fortune teller has suddenly begun to tell her customers to "watch out" for you, threatening the anonymity of your profession. What's behind all this!?
9. Your secret stash of gold, gems, and other precious items you keep hidden during adventures has been stolen, and in its place was left a red crysanthemum. "The one that got away" loved red crysanthemums...
10. Your guild has acquired a new "Guild Mage" you could swear you recognize from a dungeon adventure some time ago. Suspicious, no?
11. The local Thieves Guild has decided the Assassins Guild is too much competition. Will there be a war, or is there another way to solve the problem?
12. A rare magic item you have long coveted (perhaps a Dagger of Venom or Ring of Invisibility) has suddenly become available on the underground market, but it is way out of your price range. Do you take on extra contracts you normally wouldn't, or find some other way to "acquire" the piece?

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  1. excellent. for some reason my fav is #2 - great paranoia and various conspiracies potential with it.

  2. I love stuff like this, THANKS! Keep 'em coming!

  3. You should check out "The Dungeon Dozen." Both of ya's are great!



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