Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage arcade goodness!

While waiting for the last votes to come in on the "ink or no ink" dilemma, why not enjoy some vintage arcade games online?

Its funny: while I can appreciate the graphics and options of modern gaming platforms like PS3, Xbox, etc, I have little patience for them. Unlike something like Galaga, for instance, that can eat up several hours (and several pints, have you tried Magic Hat's Vinyl Lager yet, btw?) of a boring night...

While I heartily recommend the little battery operated joysticks you can plug into your tv, here's some links to some vintage arcade goodness you can play in your internet browser:

Space Invaders







  1. What I have been looking for is Gauntlet...Elf shot the food!

  2. Either I am getting old, or that Galaga game runs a bit faster than the arcade version.

  3. Ewww, I just had a flashback to 1983. Thanks Al, very cool. I forgot how bad I was at these games and still don't know why people ever liked pacman.

  4. Been haunting your blog and other old school rpg blogs for a little while, I'm trying to get into the whole tabletop thing. Sounds like your evening was a lot like many of mine, I'm a big retro gamer and Galaga is a favorite of mine, I also love beer (Vinyl Lager looks interesting).



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