Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PC Events: Cleric

PC Events: Cleric(d12)
1. A rival temple has opened nearby, and refuses to negotiate peacefully. The head of your order has decided that you are the lucky fellow to come up with a solution.
2. For the last eleven days strait, a great black eagle has flown out of the Northwest and perched on the highest spire of your temple. What is the meaning of this omen?
3. Two acolytes have gone missing in the last month. There is no sign of violence in their chambers, but each was seen recently in the library researching the forbidden tome "Light from the Abyss".
4. The priest in charge of the temple treasury has been discovered to have imbezzled huge sums of coinage. Turns out he is a gambling addict and is still in heavy debt to some pretty scary loan sharks, who now consider the temple to owe them, plus interest.
5. A virulent disease is spreading in the slums of your home town, and the city officials have come to your temple for assistance.
6. You find clues that one of your brethren is actually worshipping a deity of great evil, and only using your temple as a front for his nefarious deeds. Who is this rogue priest?
7. The nearby temple of a fertility goddess has invited the clergy of your temple to participate in an upcoming "Rite of Fertility". Will joining in the ritual compromise your order's beliefs, and is there more to the invitation than meets the eye?
8. A foreign priest of your order has arrived in your home town, but refuses to set foot in your temple. Instead, he lives on the streets in squalor, and loudly preaches Armageddon to any who'll listen. You have a reputation to uphold!
9. Everytime you cast a healing spell, it is excrutiatingly painful (take 1hp damage each time). Have you done something to displease your patron, or if some other problem afoot?
10. You wake up one morning and your holy symbol is missing. The town constable notifies you in a few days that it has been found on the body of a murdered prostitute. You are now suspect number one.
11. Last midnight, the main statue of your deity was discovered to be weeping blood. I have a bad feeling about this...
12. A new recruit to your order can cast spells far more powerful than her age and experience warrants, and has been given visions and omens which have all proven true. Could this be the "Chosen One"?

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  1. I love this new series. Superb stuff, Gygax only knows how you keep coming up with it, but I'm glad you do.

    As I'm doing some druid-flavoured adventures soon, I'm really looking forward to the next in the series. Peace, love and mistletoe, man...

  2. Thanks Al, looking forward to the rest. Great work.

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  4. Silly chinese pron spammers...;)



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