Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Race: Reptelf

So far the players in my Omegea campaign have retained two followers: the guide-boy Tomas, and the mercenary archer Lorris. Lorris is a member of a species rare to the East called a "Reptelf". He is green-skinned, has pointy ears, rippling scales where hair would normally be, yellow eyes, and is cold-blooded in both temperament and biology. Even the most good-natured Reptelf cannot help but laugh with glee at suffering or pain.

Reptelfs hail from a craggy mountain valley in the South, where they live long lives under the dominance of a caste of priest-lords. Those few strong-willed enough to break this yoke often wander Omegea as mercenaries, and their abilities as marksmen are legendary. Reptelf females are more blue/green of skin, dark eyes, and appear to have long, normal hair of pale blue or green, but this is actually just a peculiar form of scale, as a brief caress will reveal.

There is a famous Reptelf in Omegean folklore: Lelldim, the assassin-guardian of the human Queen Azayzis the Dream-Loom, who stood against the Mindlords of Dyskatyr at the Siege of Darsom before fleeing into exile. Travelers sometimes speak, now centuries later, of encountering her in the wilds, seduced by her unmatchable beauty while Lelldim stands wary at a discreet distance.

HD 1+1; AC 4[15]; hp 7; Atk scimitar or bow; Dmg 1d8 or 1d6+1; Save F2; Special see below.
Reptelfs are a tall race of near-immortal snake-elf hybrids. Most are devout worshipers of Set, for whom they build vast citadel-temples and offer many human sacrifices. The average Reptelf warrior is clad in scale mail, carries a scimitar and small shield, as well as a bow, which they are notoriously proficient with (+1 to hit and damage). Reptelfs have infravision up to 60'. For every 12 Reptelfs encountered, there will be one Warrior of 3rd level, and one Priest of 3rd level. For every hundred Reptelfs, there will be one Warrior of 5th level, and one Priest of 7th level or higher.
Reptelf do not sleep as other species, but will take every opportunity to warm themselves (due to their cold-bloodedness). Reptelf's who fail to sun themselves or cozy up to a campfire once every 24 hours are fatigued and unable to digest their food (half hp's until this is rectified).
Reptelf player characters receive a +1 bonus to Dexterity, a +1 bonus to hit and damage with bows, and may progress as Fighting Men or Rangers (max 8th level in each), Chaotic Clerics (max 7th level), or Assassins (max 10th level).


  1. Change the name. Remove the word "elf: from it. Also, you don't need to have the word or any derivative of the word reptile in the name. The description alone does that. Otherwise, it's an awesome idea!

  2. @Michael - "Reptelf" is merely the human name for the race - the name Reptelfs use to identify themselves is largely unpronounceable ;)

  3. Yes, good idea, well described.

  4. The woman in the illustration clearly isn't a reptelf, and I'm pretty sure she's not a human queen.

    But I'm not complaining.



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