Monday, October 4, 2010

You Old Smoothie!

Score - two awesome Lando glasses this weekend for a few bucks - one for me and one for a friend. This is vintage 1980 Burger King, Empire Strikes Back goodness.

I used to have a full set of these - wonder what Mom did with them?

Regardless, this is definitely the smoothest glass in the office...


  1. Now you have something to drink that Colt 45 out of...

  2. WOW you just made me feel real old :-( hehe. Ahhh I remember the good'ol days, but were they burger king or burger chef glasses? But anyways great grab.

  3. My sister gave me the whole set of these glasses a couple years ago for Christmas, but a while back my girlfriend broke Luke. Luke. It's a testament to my love for her that we're still together.

  4. @baronzemo - Glasses are conf. Burger King;)

  5. @D Dad - "I don't claim you can have a better time with Colt45 than without it, but why take chances?" Why indeed?

  6. BK glasses FTW. All of ours broke back in the day. :(



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