Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In other Judges Guild news...!!!

Did you know there was a new Judges Guild book out? From Judges Guild itself? By Bob Bledsaw himself? I didn't, or I would have been squealing like a schoolgirl long before now!

Allow me to introduce "Lost Man's Trail". From the product page:

"Lost Man's Trail (2010) JG1290 Bob Bledsaw's final contribution to the fantasy world he created, the Wilderlands. This adventure module runs some 24 pages, with 12 maps covering the areas of encounters, in addition to detailed Campaign Maps for Wilderlands Hexes 3615, 3715, 3814 and 3914 of the Roglaroon and Gasconfold Plains Regions, between Modron and Tegel. The trail east from Modron to the Coast, known as Lost Man's Trail, has been a source of mystery for some time. Adventurers have a habit of disappearing from the trail. Are they lured away by some enticement, or waylayed by the legendary Skandic Raiders? The only safe place to stay, The Fat Deer Inn, offers good ale, soft bedding, and an assortment of characters; each having their own reason for being there. This product was written by Bob Bledsaw for use with the Judges Guild Universal System, and contains the latest version of charts to date. Happy Gaming! "

Having taken a quick look at the preview material, this appears to very similar to vintage Judges Guild books like Witches Court Marshes, which details a number of Wilderlands campaign map hexes, blown up to economy-size detail with lots of cool things to see and do in the area. And it starts off with a random table! It appears to utilize the old Universal format for monsters, and I see a gentle (and inoffensive) sprinkling of "CR"s and "DC"s here and there, so like most JG books this should be useful whatever your particular poison of "edition" might be.

Go here and get yourself a print copy (though .pdf's are available as well for you soulless spacemen out there). As Bledsaw's last work, this is, in my opinion at least, a piece of gaming history and a unique opportunity.


  1. yeah, I saw this yesterday and was pretty excited. Gotta wait to buy, though, as I just spent my rpg budget on FGG S&W products

  2. I had no idea this was even in the works, let alone released. Cheers Al.

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