Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PC Events: Magic User

I figured I should finish these before the year is up:)

PC Events are to be rolled each month (or per period of down time in between adventures if you're a little more casual about timekeeping) to give each character a little something to do in their "real" lives. Erase each result as you use them, and replace them with others of your own creation. It should be up to the player whether to involve the other characters in his/her personal extracurricular activities or not.

PC Events: Magic User (d12)
1. Eureka! You finally discover what made the Ancient Ones so effective at sorcery. Pick your favorite destructive spell - you now get to reroll any result of "1" when rolling damage for that spell.
2. A mysterious stranger petitions you to join him and his associates to witness a rare ritual at midnight tomorrow. What's all this about?
3. For three nights straight, a great black raven has perched outside your window and peered in at you. Is it the familiar of a rival sent to spy, deliver a message, or something more sinister?
4. Accidentally mixing up some wrong spell components together has yielded unexpected results!
5. A young lady (or lad) with peculiar eyes appears one day seeking apprenticeship. You've been wanting an apprentice, but there is something not quite right with this one. Is it a sign of potential danger, or future greatness?
6. You finally break the code! In 1d6 days you can decipher the runes on the old standing stones outside of town and add one randomly determined spell of the highest level you can cast to your spell book.
7. Someone has slipped poison into your drink at your favorite tavern! Save vs. poison. If you fail you awaken 1 day later in the clutches of your kidnappers. If you pass, they advance upon you in the tavern to try and take you by more mundane means.
8. You receive an urgent summons to attend to the old master who trained you in your sorcerous ways. You haven't thought of him in years - what could be wrong?
9. You experience a mishap practicing your art! Your eyes' orbs turn permanently black with white irises.
10. You awaken one morning with a naked body next you! There is not a single mark upon her (or him). What killed her? Not you surely? You must be innocent (right?), but you can't remember a thing about last night.
11. Everywhere you go in town you hear hostile muttering and whispers in your wake. Just last week a young practitioner of the Art was hanged in the town square. Why is the local temple turning the townsfolk against magic-users? Are you safe in public anymore?
12. Out in the forest collecting herbs and components, you espy a rare pseudo-dragon perched near a spring. Is it possible you could tempt the creature to become your familiar?

Next Up: The Paladin

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  1. I'm happy to see you're continuing these again. They're always fun to read.

  2. I'm also happy you came back to these. They are very useful!

  3. Bookmarked into my campaign tools folder! Thanks Al :)

  4. Good deal Al. *shouting so you can hear*

  5. Thank you for these...I will be putting them to use. :)

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