Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mapping Resource Links

Dave's Dungeon Map Generator - A truly awesome old-school map generator drawn tiles made by various artists.

Graph Paper Generator - Go with the 8 squares per inch for those big Megadungeon maps.

Donjon Random Dungeon Generator - Instantly produces a vast dungeon map. Fill it yourself or go with the randomly generated (3x) descriptions.

Judges Guild Blank Hex Sheets - For mapping that sandbox, big and small styles both in one .pdf courtesy of Judges Guild!

Hexographer - Generates full-color, B/X-style campaign maps. Nice free demo or pay for the full program.

Wildgen - Randomly generates a wilderness hex-map.

Year of the Dungeon - Check out Tony's tiny but awesome dungeon maps. Your sandbox should be full of toys like these.

Adventure Generator - from Dizzy Dragon. Utilizes Dyson Logos' geomorphs :

Random Morph Map - Another Dyson Logos random combo machine.

Dyson Logos - Great geomorphs (see above), dungeon maps, and old school character sheets.

Strange Maps - A resource to explore weird maps.

Risus Monkey's Geomorphs - Good stuff.

Stonewerks - geomorphs, etc.

Post-apocalyptic City Generator - instant Dying Earth ruined cities!

Mojo's Mapping Aids - hex map .pdfs

This is going into the Beyond the Black Gate resource pages section of the blog, so please add any good links you have to the comments section below.


  1. How totally convienient. I just happen to be scouring the web for map resources for my OSR project and you've done my homework for me! That is awesome ;)!

  2. Excellent collection of links. Many thanks.

  3. Great post - going through those links should keep me busy and out of trouble for awhile. :)

  4. Thanks for these Al. You've saved me quite a bit fo effort.

  5. I have a dungeon generator and a wilderness map generator that some people might be interested in:

  6. Thanks for the links, These could come in handy later.

  7. Thanks for the linkage and don't forget that the Risus Monkey Map ( is kept mostly up-to-date. It currently has all 100 tiles in the generator.

  8. I humbly offer the following in the Blank Template department:

    Hex templates (includes electronic versions for Hexographer):
    World template (up-scaling hex templates to a global level):

    Hope these are useful!

  9. Dave's Mapper:

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