Monday, November 8, 2010

Whatever happened to the "new" Tegel Manor?

So whatever happened to the "new" and revised version of Tegel Manor? Let Melan tell you the whole sordid story right here; it's a fascinating read about the impact the RPG publishing industry, with its endless and seemingly arbitrary vagaries of edition, license, and personal motivations, can have on the most well-intentioned and looked-forward-to of game products, and a wonderful sneak peek at "what might have been".


  1. Thanks for this.
    Years ago I picked up a copy for myself (I got the 'gamescience' version and don't really know how it is different from the other).
    Melan's observations on the weaknesses for Tegel given the general state of gaming interests and trends since the early days are spot-on in my opinion, and his "Undead ate my Cleric" ought to be required reading.

  2. Bad luck, project fell between the cracks of reality. That is basically all there is to it. And by this time, it is almost an old story (which is why I posted it).



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