Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Frazetta

After a short break due to Ymir pounding us with 42"of snow last week, Friday Frazetta is back with a very nice piece indeed! While known predominantly for his pulp horror and sci-fi work, there are also a few "epic fantasy" Tolkien pieces by Frazetta out there that I really like, especially this one. Unlike many depictions of Ringwraiths, and despite the usual missing face and glowing lights for eyes, this Wraith is manifesting a very solid presence in the real world (note the solid hands and arms raising the morning-star to strike), giving this depiction an added element of menace. And both characters have very cool helmets! :)


  1. This has to be my favorite Franzetta. It's been sitting on my hard-drive, waiting for an opportunity to be posted. Opportunity lost!


  2. If only the entire LotR was like that...

  3. Nice pic.Not sure how this Eowyn successfully posed as a man though. ;)

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