Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gygax's private game collection for sale.

Well, looks like someone's emptying out Gary's game closet for sale on EBay. I just hope the proceeds are going to a cool charity (toys for tots?) and not to some MMORPG developer. Per Purple Pawn:

"Gail Gygax, Gary’s widow, and The Collector’s Trove are auctioning off Gary Gygax’s personal game collection. Bids for the first batch of 204 items close Wednesday afternoon (ET). The selection includes games he authored, games he played, and still shrink-wrapped comp copies of various games provided to him as TSR’s founder. Just a few of the highlights:


  1. HHHHmmmmm, that Battle of the Five Armies could be cool...

  2. Damn - Gamma World 1E in shrink-wrap? There I go, drooling on my keyboard again...

    I was drooling over this, but it looks like I've got something new to dream about. Ah... if only I weren't flat broke. :P

  3. Wow. Maybe I should by Zagyg box set up for sale.

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