Monday, December 6, 2010

PC Events: Paladin

PC Events are to be rolled each month (or per period of down time in between adventures if you're a little more casual about timekeeping) to give each character a little something to do in their "real" lives. Erase each result as you use them, and replace them with others of your own creation. It should be up to the player whether to involve the other characters in his/her personal extracurricular activities or not.

PC Events: Paladin (d12)
1. The head of your order, whom you have always known to be a paragon of virtue, has recently been accused of corruption. Are these accusations true, or is something dark at play? You owe it to him to get to the bottom of the situation either way.
2. The barmaid at the local watering hole has become infatuated with you and seems determined to lead you astray.
3. The local magistrate has asked you to perform an execution slated for dawn tomorrow. Your conscience leads you to accept the man's confession the tonight, and he spins a very convincing tale of innocence. Only 10 hours until execution time - what should you do?
4. An indiscretion committed in your youth has come back to haunt you in the form of a formal complaint filed with your order. Do you fight the charges or accept your punishment?
5. Under cover of darkness, a pagan faerie creature from the nearby Old Wood has come to you seeking aid against some evil encroachment. You have sworn to protect the innocent, but creatures of this sort are notorious for their licentious abandon and dubious morals.
6. A maiden from a passing nomadic caravan appears on your doorstep, begging you to accept an orphan.
7. Is it your imagination, or has your armor slowly been darkening to the color of blood over the last few days? Is this some portent, divine warning, or have you been under too much stress?
8. Your patron visits you in your dreams and silently lays three crushed, black lilies at your feet. It then fixes you with a stern gaze and fades away again. What can this mean?
9. The local farmers have inexplicably begun to speak ill of you in the local markets and taverns. What have you done to deserve their sudden hostility?
10. On your way about town, you notice some graffiti scrawled on the wall of an inn. You can't be sure, but to your trained eyes it appears to be some sort of diabolic symbolism. This bears further investigation!
11. Some monster hunters have come into town with a snarling wight in a cage. Here's an odd moral quandary...
12. You are blessed by your patron with wondrous abilities, but in your mind you have done little to deserve such favor save loot the odd dungeon. Perhaps a vigil will reveal what greater service you can offer?

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  1. Good stuff as always Al, I like these PC events a lot and intent to infuse them into my campaign.

  2. Yeah they're cracking. Dragon Magazine published something similar for clerics years and years ago ("hot night in the old..", I think was the title). It was a ine-off but I always liked the idea and starting using a non-class specific "events table" in my campaign shortly afterwords. These are very nice and I'll be putting them to good use as entries in my tables.
    Many thanks Al.

  3. Runequest Cities had a 'catch' up system. Great stuff!

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