Thursday, December 16, 2010

PC Events: Ranger

PC Events are to be rolled each month (or per period of down time in between adventures if you're a little more casual about timekeeping) to give each character a little something to do in their "real" lives. Erase each result as you use them, and replace them with others of your own creation. It should be up to the player whether to involve the other characters in his/her personal extracurricular activities or not.

PC Events: Ranger (d12)
1. Three rangers have recently come into town, in disguise. None of them has contacted you. Should you contact them to see what's afoot, or do you risk blowing their cover?
2. You hear talk in taverns that a mysterious fire in the nearby woods has uncovered a ruined shrine.
3. One of your fellow rangers has taken ill and asks you to patrol his stretch of wilderness until he recovers.
4. Some odd-looking fellows have been seen around town the last few days. Their description sounds to you like half-orcs may be spying!
5. When going through your equipment for regular cleaning and maintenance, you discover a white arrow you've never seen before! You're sure it wasn't there just a couple of days ago, and it is etched with letters in an ancient-looking language.
6. You've noticed some odd-looking trail signs over the last week or so. They are kind of like the ones your order normally uses, but a bit off.
7. In the last month, three local farmsteads have been burnt to the ground, and everyone is missing. What's going on here?
8. A friendly contact from the mercantile district has given you a book, purportedly a relic of the Lost Kingdom. The ancient dialect it is written in seems to bear this out. You can't wait to plumb its mysteries!
9. An old friend you trained with in your youth has gone missing, apparently while engaged in some personal mission or grudge.
10. A notorious criminal, who always seemed to evade justice through one technicality or another due to his link to a Noble House, has been discovered this morning hung in the town square. Who is the vigilante that did him in, and what repercussions do you risk by investigating further?
11. A strange, evil-looking, never-before-seen species of black flower has been sprouting in the woods recently, and along the edge of town. There is something unnatural about them...
12. A group of two dozen refugees, wounded and starving, has just arrived in town from a nearby village. What doom befell their lost home?

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  1. oh man nearly missed this one Al. Busy holiday season and all. Keep these coming.



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