Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do not feed.

Seriously, guys?

After "always clear your browser history after viewing midget porn", it's the oldest law of the internet.

Poke them, taunt them, laugh at their antics, but please, please don't feed them.


  1. I totally missed this bit of eDrama, thankfully.

  2. We're supposed to clear our browser after viewing midget porn?!?


  3. Was going to post:
    An open letter to the parent(s) of the author(s) of Your Bridge is Suck:

    Please pay more attention to your kid(s). They are seeking it online, and bothering the grownups. The last six months of posts there have all been variations on "Mommy! Daddy! Look at me! Please love me!"


    Would that actually have been feeding the trolls?

  4. Good point. I'll go delete the reference to the site in question from my blog.

  5. Er, just to clarify: I don't actually have this little shit listed on my bloglist, but I made the mistake of putting a link to his blog in the comments section of my last post. Deleted the comment now, of course.

  6. @ Brian:
    Good call. The best way to starve the troll is not to visit it.

  7. I picked up on the drift and found YDIS sort of through intuition and sort of through common sense. Some people open themselves up for a bit of lampooning, but that crossed the line. I would rather have Christian and Brunomac with us that the YDIS crowd.

    As for punching Zak in the face....

  8. I'll fly you out to LA, no problem. Email me.

  9. Will you fly me out little fella?

  10. Touchy, touchy. I stopped punching people a long time back, Zak, don't go all nerdrage over a few words. However, next time I slide down Cali way I will give you a heads up.

  11. Nerdrage?

    "After struggling through just over six minutes of that nonsense on The
    Escapist I really wonder why they made it on the TARGA blog this week. I am
    probably the only one not extremely taken by the charming wit of Zak and
    his group of gamers. Ok, we get it, they are porn stars and hair dressers
    and the like. Big deal. I like some of Zak's writing and he has some decent
    posts, but there isn't anything really outstanding (rack jokes aside) about
    his blog or that video. Are they playing oldschool games? It looks like a
    mishmash of rules that nobody really undestands. [sic]

    "The video was, to me, idiotic
    and not appropriate for children to see. Getting "butts in seats" through
    having porn stars talk about what acts they do or do not perform in adult
    movies doesn't really click with me. Not to mention the fact that they play
    3.5 (let's not start arguing about how oldschool that is).
    Zak and his band of weirdos can really do what they want to, I am
    not about censorship, however, they can also respect parents and children
    and not parade around using vulgar language in a situation that children
    might be exposed to. The video, unlike the blog, does not have a warning.
    I know that Zak's blog is titillating and everyone is ga-ga over
    the porn "stars" and I am in the minority here. I see a lot of flash and
    little real substance for all the hype. I just wish that instead of his
    shock and offend tactics that Zak would consider people's children and
    getting new people into the game. I feel that we should introduce people on
    a middle ground between vulgar and puritanical and let new gamers and new
    groups find their own path from there.
    Unless he wants to market his own rpg.

    "And for $5000 you get the core rules and a porn star will drop by
    for a game session."

    In the end, I am not going to banter back and forth. As usual, I
    just wanted to say what I feel. Maybe I should start another blog, "Playing
    rpgs with sociopaths."

    Take care,

    That's nerdrage, punchy.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Or banning people and deleting their posts when they disagree with your point of view. I had asked someone to view a video of yours at the Escapist and give an honest review, to be fair. He did and he was banned for two weeks and his post deleted and all it said was that it didn't look like you guys knew what you were doing to him, there was nothing inflammatory, no cursing, nothing. Apparently freedom of speech is only for those in agreement...

  14. And now I am done feeding the trolls.

    You cuties know where to find me if there's any more bitching about the fact that I exist that you'd like to do.

  15. Wtf? When did my backyard turn into Fight Club? You kids settle down or turning this van around and we will NOT go to Disney World today ;)

  16. Sorry, Al, we are done snarling.
    You know Zak, I am not a fan of yours, however, at the end of the day I don't wish you any ill. If I saw your car broken down on the side of the road or jumped by thugs I would help you out because, despite our differences in many areas, I do know that you are a decent person and I am big enough to admit that.



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