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Megadungeon Equipment

Megadungeon Equipment

While plenty of adventurers make do with the mundane equipment available at the general stores common in most towns and villages, some enterprising entrepreneurs have made a cottage industry of providing and designing items specifically targeted at explorers and adventurers. While not available in every small village and hamlet, most larger settlements will have at least one merchant specializing in gear like the items detailed below.

Collapsible Pole (10gp)

The collapsible pole is a 10’ pole made of alternating ironwood and hollow brass that collapses down to a length of only three feet. Perfect for the adventurer on the go, the collapsible 10’ pole won’t bog you down in those cramped corridors and crawlspaces.

Inflatable Raft (30gp)

The inflatable raft is a round water conveyance made of oiled leather with half a dozen cork plugs opening to bladders within the raft. With only a turn of hefty blowing, four individuals can inflate the raft to a size that will float up to four individuals for up to eight hours, before some re-inflation may be necessary. The leather of the raft must be re-oiled after 24 hours of use, or it will no longer be water-resistant enough to stay afloat. The inflatable raft is the perfect tool to overcome those annoying subterranean bodies of water.

Holy Charm of Mythrior (15gp)

This little charm is a corked glass vial in the shape of a heart filled with water blessed by the clergy of Mythrior the most holy. If worn close to the heart, it offers some protection against the nefarious attacks of the undead, such as the paralyzing touch of the ghoul, or the level draining grasp of the barrow wight. The charm conveys at saving throw bonus of +3 to up to three such attacks, before its efficacy is depleted. Definitely a necessary item for any explorers of lost tombs or catacombs.

Rope Ladder (5gp)

This 20’ length of rope is perfect for the short climbs down subterranean cliffs or out of pit traps common in the megadungeon. With one end fitted with durable iron grapplers, the Rope Ladder offers risk free ascents and descents, with no knowledge of repelling required, as with the more common, mundane lengths of rope.

Phrygian Wafer (10gp)

Perfect for those overnight delves, the Phrygian Wafer allows the intrepid explorer to gain the healing effects of an entire day of rest with just four hours of sleep, as well as an additional 1d6 hp’s of healing at the end of that four hours. Though only one such wafer is effective in a 24 hour period, a pocket full of these are essential for reducing the time an adventurer must lower his guard in the lightless depths to rest.

Progar’s Lockmaster (22gp)

Designed by the infamous tomb-robber Progar the Ever Restless, the lockmaster is the perfect solution for those stubborn locks that refuse to be picked or broken. The Lockmaster is a natural rubber suction-cup with a small glass vial fitted within it. Once affixed over the belligerent lock, the cup can be forcefully compressed, which breaks the glass vial, expelling a strong acid deep into the guts of the lock, burning it away, and rendering it useless and open.

Water Purification Tablet (5gp)

This tablet contains a rare mixture of alchemical substances that will neutralize impurities and poisons in up to five gallons of water. A must-have for adventurers venturing deep below the surface, where obtaining trustworthy fresh water may be troublesome.

Terpidus Syringe (20gp)

This needle-tipped glass syringe contains a rare physikers’ compound that delivers a profound shock to a beings system. It takes one round to administer the syringe, directly into the heart of a person, and has a 50% chance of reviving someone under the influence of paralysis, unnatural sleep, trance, or other poisonous torpors. Whether successful or not, the Terpidus causes 1d3 points of damage, as it is very painful.

Gladiators’ Balm (5gp/application)

Popular among the professional fighters of the People’s Arena at Imperial City, this pasty balm will heal the damage of a single wound for 1d3 points of damage. While a person’s system will only support such healing three times a day, the balm is designed to leave a handsome, livid scar long after the wound is gone.

Silken Balloon of Nerrick Hing (50gp)

This great silk balloon fits snugly into a bedroll-sized package, and is fitted at one end with a small lamp-like device containing a strong-smelling gel. If lit, the gel burns hotly for up to five rounds, and the balloon rapidly inflates and will float a man-sized creature strait up 20’ per round before stopping, and slowly deflating again.


  1. Great stuff, but your pic is a "Image hosted by Tripod" rather than whatever you intended it to be.

  2. Gah, brutalized by the Bandwidth Police!

    Thanks, new pic added...;)

  3. A full night's healing + 1d6 for 10gp. ?
    --Count me in. ;)

    Seems awfully generous. :)

  4. @Timeshadows:

    I'm sure enterprising DMs will find a way to make their players pay for it in other ways...;)

  5. Let's see, the wafers could do:
    Addiction (dependency on the wafers in order to get to sleep)

    Sweating (monsters more likely to attack and pursue, roll for encounters every 50 minutes instead of every hour)

    Drymouth (triple water ration required)

    Blood Thinner (take 1 HP on the round after any piercing / slashing hit)

    Sour Stomach (cannot drink magic potions for the 24 hour "no eating wafers" period)

    Deep Sleep (the 4-hour wafer sleep is deep and you need to save to wake up early even if there is combat noise or you are damaged)

    Sluggish (no running for 8 hours after waking due to lack of energy)

    Sensitive Lungs (-4 saves vs gas attacks for the next 8 hours)

    Sensitive Eyes (no extra night vision, but half blindness penalty in Continual Light or Sunlight brightness for 8 hours)

    Deadened Hearing (surprised more often for next 8 hours)

    An Erection Lasting Longer Than 4 Hours.

    If you experience these side effects please contact your Cleric immediately. Talk with your Cleric to find out if Phrygian Wafer is right for you.



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