Monday, August 17, 2009

Megadungeon - Most annoying monster. Ever.

Tolthas wearily dropped his pack to the floor of the small shrine, idly watching as Grimbeard spiked the door of the chamber shut. He hated when they overextended themselves, forcing them to seek a safe place to rest within the dungeon.

"You two sleep first," he said to Markos and Brother Cletus, "we'll need your spells tomorrow for the trek back out..."

An hour or so into his watch, Tolthas began to hear a noise in the hall outside, faint at first, but growing louder and louder. Cursing, he nudged his companions awake, and, drawing his sword, went to stand along one side of the door. In an instant, the noise became frightfully loud, a cacophany of pounding, thunderous drums, droning noise, and arcane chanting.

Then, the noise began to die down again. Whatever it had been was going past their door, without stopping. The party stood silent, holding their breath for a few minutes, but whatever it had been did not return. Sighing in relief, Tolthas resumed his watch as the others returned to their bedrolls, resentful of their interrupted rest.

Not an hour and a half later, the noise began to approach again. Swearing roundly, Tolthas awakened his friends yet again, and directed Grimbeard to un-spike the door so he could peek out.

What he saw would haunt him the rest of his days: Six or seven corpulent, gaudily dressed entities with demonic visages were hurtling down the hall, aided by some sort of mechanisms attached to their boots. Each held some arcane apparatus upon their shoulders, black boxes affixed with bizarre wires and dials, and the horrid sound issued from gaping holes in the sides of the devices. Tolthas crouched, paralyzed with uncertainty, and would have been easy prey, but the bizarre party merely passed him by, mocking expressions on their faces as they continued down the hall on their unknown errand.

The party would get no rest that night, and the creatures' unholy chant would haunt Tolthas's memory for the rest of his days, "Yeah! Yeah! Baby! Wo! Wo! Rock! Roll! Yeah! Yeah!..."

Roller Disco Devils
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: none
Saving Throw: 16
Special: noise
Move: 24 (flat surfaces only)
Challenge Level/XP: 1/15
Roller Disco Devils are mindless gangs who tour the underworld unendingly, blaring their unholy music from contraptions only they know how to manipulate. Though their aspect is fearsome, they are largely defenseless, save for their great speed. If attacked, they will simply attempt to flee. Once slain, their cacophany ceases, as their arcane devices will not function for other beings. No one may rest when they are in the area, and the chances for wandering monsters are tripled, as predators seem to haunt their wake, trolling for whatever easy meal may be stirred from its hiding hole by the Devils' passage. The meaning of their endless diabolic song, "Yeah! Yeah! Baby! Wo! Wo! Rock! Roll! Yeah! Yeah!", has yet to be deciphered.

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  1. Evil vile creatures. I encountered them in the late 70's, they are not to be trifled with. Great write up!



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