Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Megadungeon - New Monsters for your Megadungeon

Eye Horror
The Eye Horror is a terrifying creature, appearing as a vein-filled, humanoid eye 2 feet in diameter attached to a bladder-like body covered in boar-like bristles, a clump of limp-looking arms ending in sharp claws, and a long, scorpion-style stinger hanging down in back. The Eye Horror floats through subterranean vistas, held aloft and propelled by gases produced by its digestive system. Its primary attack, its stinger, imparts a paralyzing venom that allows the Eye Horror to settle down and take its time feasting on its latest victim. While only roughly the size of a halfling, its floating capacity is great, and it can easily grasp a paralyzed victim in its many claws and float away at a movement rate of 9.
Eye Horror: HD4; AC 4[15]; Atk 1 stinger (1d8+poison); Move 15(fly); Save 13; CL/XP 5/240; Special: Poison.

The Sorcerer-Wight is a highly intelligent, spell-using wight. Like its lesser kin, it is immune to sleep or charm spells, as well as non-magical weapons (silver excluded). It also possesses the life draining touch of its lesser kin, but prefers to use its spells in combat. It typically has 3-12 normal wights in attendance, and will use them as a shield-wall and sword-fodder as it plies its victims with magic. The Sorcerer-Wight functions as a 7th-level Magic-User, and may cast 4 first level, 3 second level, 2 third level, and 1 fourth level spells. A typical spell assortment memorized may include magic missile, charm, sleep, shield, invisibility, web, stinking cloud, fireball, protection from good 10', and ice storm, and it will possess a spell book with those plus 1d2 other spells per level.
Sorcerer-Wight: HD 5; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 claw (1hp + level drain); Mover 9; Save 12; CL/XP 8/800; Special: Spells, Drain 1 level w/hit, hit only by magic or silver.

The Naxiom is a hairless, bipedal, human-shaped being with obsidian skin, glowing red eyes, and a mouthful of gleaming white fangs. It can see perfectly in the dark. It is a cunning, intelligent predator, and prefers human or demi-human meat as its food. It also has a taste for the females of these species, and will unfortunately indulge itself harshly upon such victims before ultimately consuming them. These beings are immensely strong (Str 18), and bear no weapons but their crushing fists. They speak common, in addition to 1d4 other languages, and are sly, flattering, whining, loquacious, and deceitful tricksters, doing their best through misdirection to separate party members from one another or draw them close for attack. Once per day, they can focus this natural ability into something akin to a charm person spell. If defeated, they will turn cowardly and beg for their lives, agreeing to serve their new "master" for up to thirty days, though there is a cumulative 1% chance per day that they will turn upon their master or slip away when the chance presents itself.
Naxiom: HD 5; AC 5[14]; Atk 2 fists (1d6+1), 1 bite (1d4+1); Move 12; Save 12; CL/XP 6/400; Special: Charm.

Gelatinous Behemoth
This is a monstrous-sized cousin of the Gelatinous Cube, dwelling in only the largest underground chambers and cavern complexes. While they are somewhat slower than their smaller brethren, their venom is more potent (-2 to saves), and they can attack up to four individual targets per round. Despite the obvious danger of hunting such a creature, adventurers nevertheless will make the attempt, perhaps driven by greed, as visible within the creature is up to four times the amount of treasure found in a normal Cube.
Gelatinous Behemoth: HD 10; AC 9[10]; Atk up to 4 (2d8); Move 4; Save 5; CL/XP 12/2000; Special: Paralysis, immune to lightning and cold.

Gelatinous Door
This smaller cousin of the Cube is two inches thick, and typically seven feet tall and four feet across, though they can double this size while decreasing their thickness to one inch. They typically hunt by draping themselves across a door, where they only have a one in six chance of being noticed in normal lighting conditions. They drop down and envelope prey attempting to open the door they rest upon. Like their cousins, their flesh is both acidic and paralyzing.
Gelatinous Door: HD 2; AC 8[11]; Atk 1 (1d8); Move 9; Save 15; CL/XP 4/120; Special: Paralysis, immune to lightning and cold.

Troll, Devil-Taken
The Devil-Taken Troll is a normal troll that has been infested and possessed by a sentient, diabolic entity from some unknowable abyssal plane. If the troll is "killed" and then immersed in acid, or set aflame to destroy it, the spirit is released and rises up as an amorphous, demonic-shaped entity of smoke to lash out at its enemies. It is largely insubstantial, and is only affected by magical attacks or weapons. If it escapes, it will seek out another troll to possess.
Troll, Devil-Taken, "Troll Form": HD 6+3; AC 4[15]; Atk 2 claws (1d4), 1 bite (1d8); Move 12; Save 11; CL/XP as below; Special: Regenerate 3hp.round.
Troll, Devil-Taken, "Smoke Form": HD 5; AC 2[17]; Atk 2 tendrils (1d8); Move 15(fly); Save 12; CL/XP 10/1400; Special: Hit only by magical attacks and weapons.

Cavern Creeper
The Cavern Creeper looks like a hideous amalgam of giant centipede and ferret, its bristly hide jutting up from between the armored segments of its body, and its multi-faceted eyes glowing with a disturbing predatory intelligence. They crawl across walls and ceilings on their many legs, making them unpredictable opponents. Cavern Creepers are silent, and camouflaged to suit their underworld environment, and gain surprise 3 out of 6 times. The scissoring bite of the creature imparts a vicious, painful poison that causes 2d6 points of damage if a save is not made.
Cavern Creeper: HD 2; AC 4[15]; Atk 1 bite (1d6+1); Move 12; Save 16; CL/XP 2/30; Special: Poison


  1. Some excellent new monsters here. I will have to use the Sorcerer-Wight and make him a Shugenja-Wight for my R&R setting. That thing should be a beast for my players. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are delicious, and the Devil-Taken Troll is just dirty and sneaky (two puzzle monsters for the price of one). As for the Cavern Creeper *shudder*



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