Monday, August 31, 2009

New Class - Megadungeon Explorer

Megadungeon Explorer

Prime Attribute - Int 13+ (+5% xp)
Hit Dice - 1d6+1/lvl (max 9, 2hp/lvl after)
Weapons Allowed - All
Armor - Chain or lighter
Shield - Yes

Some adventurers make a whole career of exploring the depths of the Underworld in search of riches, lost magic, and forgotten lore. Some delve simply because, as mountain climbers say, "its there". These aggressive treasure hunters must hone a wide variety of skills to survive in the underworld, and their abilities reflect this. They fight only when they must, relying rather on their quick wits, but can wield a blade with aplomb when forced to do so. Megadungeon Explorers use the same combat progression as the Cleric, but will favor only the lightest armors, never wearing anything more restrictive than chainmail, and seldom even that.

Megadungeon Explorers of 9th level or higher may found a stronghold (sometimes called an "Institute"), often based in the town or city closest to their Megadungeon, if not actually within the dungeon itself, and will attract 2d8+1 like-minded individuals. Megadungeon Explorers often serve as party leaders, as many adventurers are happy to rely on their expertise when exploring the dark halls below.

Lvl/ Save/ Xp Needed
1/ 15/ 0
2/ 14/ 1800
3/ 13/ 3600
4/ 12/ 7500
5/ 11/ 15000
6/ 10/ 30000
7/ 9/ 50000
8/ 8/ 80000
9/ 7/ 130000
10+/ 6/ +80000

Dungeon Sense
A Megadungeon Explorer will notice traps and secret doors simply by coming within visual range of one on a roll of 1 on a d6. If actively searching, they will detect traps or secret doors on a roll of 3 or less on a d6.

Megadungeon Explorers, if alone and wearing leather or no armor, can sneak or hide successfully on a roll of 3 or less on a d6.

Megadungeon explorers are seldom caught off-guard, and can avoid surprise 50% of the time.

Spell Use
Megadungeon Explorers of 4th level and above can use magic user scrolls, and may memorize a limited number of spells (though they do not gain bonus spells of any sort) according to the chart below:
Level: Spells
1-3: none
4-5: 1 first
6: 2 first
7-8: 2 first, 1 second
9: 2 first, 2 second
10+: 2 first, 2 second, 1 third


  1. I'll gladly play one of these. :)


    "(though they do gain bonus spells of any sort)"
    should read:
    "(though they do NOT gain bonus spells of any sort)"

  2. Now THAT'S a cool class!

    I think I'd go one step further and create a specialized list of spells as well.

    Nice work.

  3. I know I'm years late commenting on this, but I'm glad to have found this. The game I've been cooking up would essentially make all the PCs this class, and anybody more specialized (fighter, cleric, thief, full-time wizard) would be an NPC. I like the way you handled the spell abilities--it didn't occur to me to just hold back on it until the character has some experience built up.



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