Sunday, August 16, 2009

Return of the Silver Dragon?

In the early 80's Microgames released an adventure called Treasure of the Silver Dragon. From Wikipedia: "The game contained clues to a real silver dragon hidden somewhere in the U.S. The 31 troy oz. dragon was found by Mr. Thomas Davidson, who was afterwards awarded with a $10,000 check to boot."

Fast forward almost 30 years into the future, and now Goodman Games (publisher of the Dungeon Crawl Classics line) is releasing "The $1000.00 Module", next summer, and the adventure will contain clues to the whereabouts of an "object of interest". If you find it and hand it over, you win the $1000.00! I've got an idea in my head about this and a bit of fun for the OSR, but I'll cover more on that when the release date is confirmed.

On a side note, while the Silver Dragon was found, the Golden Dragon never was... Check out the clues here and see if you can figure it out! I've got a pretty good idea, but the travel costs would seriously eat into the prize money, assuming I could even find Howard Thompson to hand it in. What do you think?

Speaking of Howard Thompson, here's a cool letter he wrote to fan, apparently in response to concerns over the growing complexity of the game. I get the impression that if Thompson were still the "Gaming Game" today, he'd be a strong supporter of the OSR.

PS - when I did an image search for the pic of Treasure of the Silver Dragon above, this is one of the results I got. WTF!?

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